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Circ-Cell Skincare REM Masque Serum Set

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description for Circ-Cell Skincare REM Masque Serum Set

Circ-Cell REM Masque Serum optimizes natural nighttime restorative cycles, improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, brightens, and hydrates, revealing a youthful, radiant glow. REM Masque Serum is a dual-product age-defying technology that harnesses tourmaline to optimize your beauty sleep. Over 50 active ingredients combine to provide dramatic results in as few as three days. This intensive, yet non-aggressive formula doesn't tear down skin, but helps improve skin balance, nurturing skin to optimal health. REM Masque Serum should be used only six nights each week for optimal results.

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1. Mix five pumps of liquid with one unpacked, level scoop of dust in the palm of the hand. Sensitive skin types should use a ratio of six pumps of liquid to one scoop of dust. The combined mixture should have the consistency of a light lotion.

2. Apply mixture to a clean dry face, taking care not to over apply around the nose and nostrils. AVOID CONTACT WITH THE EYES AND EYE AREA. DO NOT APPLY IN THE ORBITAL AREA UNDER THE EYE OR EYELIDS.

3. REM Masque Serum should absorb within 10 minutes. Do not apply any other products after applying REM Masque Serum, although you may apply an eye cream or serum to areas not covered by REM Masque Serum, as directed. Make sure to wash your hands before applying other products to the eye area after applying REM Masque Serum.

4. In the morning, remove REM Masque Serum with a cleanser of choice.

5. Use a maximum of 6 nights each week.

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