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Seaside spas and hot springs have drawn people to their healing waters for thousands of years. Prized and famous, these sites of mineral-infused waters provide an opportunity to heal and soothe the body and spirit. The formulas of Phytomer Bath and Body Products are based on these special waters, offering the healing compounds provided by nature. Their ingredients include rich suites of marine plant extracts, terrestrial botanical ingredients and trace minerals to enrich your health. Now, it is no longer necessary to have to go to the trouble and expense of traveling to a spa; you can achieve the same benefits in the privacy and convenience of your own home.

The special nature of Phytomer Bath and Body Products go beyond soothing and relaxing – although they provide those, too – but also help to detoxify the body, balance levels of trace elements and minerals, provide a tonic effect to rejuvenate the body, and restore that inner sense of balance and well-being that is so vital to emotional health. Turn your own bath into a private spa with Phytomer Bath and Body Products.

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Across every culture around the world, and throughout the centuries, it has been a universal human desire to soak in warm, mineral-rich waters. Generations have experienced the improvements in physical health and the increase in a soothing, inner peace that accompanies long soaks in these baths. Now, the formulated ingredients of Phytomer Bath and Body Products offer the same benefits as these same healing spas, providing the opportunity to achieve the same results in your own home.

The gentle ingredients of Phytomer Alguomer Aqua-Detoxifying Bath powder are powerful in their effects. Formulated with extracts of two species of north Atlantic brown seaweed, Ascophyllum nodosum and Laminaria digitata, they contain a range of trace minerals and nutrients important to a well-balanced system. These marine algae also contain a natural form of alginic acid, a type of polysaccharide, which has been documented in academic studies to have an important detoxifying effect. Alginic acid binds with poisonous heavy metals and other toxins in the body, neutralizing their ability to cause systemic harm. These seaweed extracts are paired with sea salt, which also infuses trace minerals into the body, but also helps to draw out toxins through osmosis. Coffee bean contributes caffeine in a natural form, which university studies in Japan have shown to be able to restrict the accumulation of fat. American university studies have also determined that the presence of caffeine in the system provide strong protection against ultraviolet radiation damage. With an infusion of rosemary extract to provide a sense of well-being, the formula is completely transforming.

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