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In the life cycle of skin, individual cells are created deep in the skin tissue, grow to the surface where they protect the body, and eventually die and are shed. When this orderly progression needs assistance to maintain a healthy skin cell turnover, Phytomer Exfoliators Products are able to help. The importance of exfoliation is not just to prevent the appearance of unsightly flakes; by promoting skin cell growth, the skin is renewed, helping to subdue the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and even scars. Dermatitis, inflamed tissues and acne blemishes can be more quickly healed if the skin cell turnover rates are maintained.

Smooth, clean and youthful-looking skin can be achieved with Phytomer Exfoliators Products as part of a proper exfoliation regime. As with everything involving skin care, however, balance is important. This is why Phytomer Exfoliators Products work to gently perform their tasks; overly aggressive exfoliation can actually cause more problems than they solve. By using gentle physical debridement and the natural effects of botanical extracts – particularly marine algae – appropriate skin cell turnover can be achieved without damaging the tissues.

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While chemical peels and other, more aggressive techniques are sometimes necessary for treatment, a great deal can be achieved with more gentle methods. Using milder – but still very effective – ingredients, Phytomer Exfoliators Products are able to achieve wonderful results.

The powerfully effective ingredients in Phytomer Vegetal Exfoliant are wrapped in a velvety textured cream. Refined kaolin clay absorbs excess oils as it helps smooth the skin surface, while botanically derived stearic acid helps lift off the oils and contaminants so they can be more easily rinsed away. Papain, a natural enzyme derived from papaya, promotes exfoliation at the cellular level. Extract of Laminaria digitata, a brown marine algae often called horsetail kelp, is provided to help moisturize and tone the newly exposed skin cells.

Kaolin is also featured in Phytomer Purifying Gommage Exfoliant, to gently debride the skin and absorb excess oils and contaminants. The paired marine ingredients, red algae Lithothamnium calcarum powder and sorbitol (derived from marine algae), cleanse, tone and detoxify the skin.

When a little more elbow grease is needed – particularly on the elbows, knees, heels and other rough areas – Phytomer Toning Body Scrub (Gommage Corps Tonifiant) goes to work. Applied wet or dry, it provides a vigorous, but safe, debridement of the thick patches of dead and dry skin cells. Silica and sea salt provide the abrading material, with the added benefit of providing important trace minerals to the new skin cells. Caprylic/capric triglyceride, derived from coconut, promotes additional exfoliation while Chondrus crispus (carrageenan) seaweed extract provides moisturization.

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