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The goal of a cleanser is to remove the layers of deposits that build up over time. Quintessence Skin Science Cleansers Products achieve this task, but without disrupting the natural balance of the skin’s own sebum layer of oils that protect the skin from dehydration and bacterial infection. The old, loose dead skin cells, contact dirt, stubborn remains of cosmetics and the particles deposited from pollution in the atmosphere all need to be removed: They not only make the skin look dull and dry, but they can clog the pores in a condition that can lead to acne breakouts.

Based on sound scientific research, Quintessence Skin Science Cleansers Products are formulated to provide effective removal of unwanted contaminants, but gentle enough to leave the skin balanced and vibrant. Properly cleansed, skin is stimulated to produce a healthy turnover of cells, renewing and repairing the complexion. The balanced ingredients in Quintessence Skin Science Cleansers Products provide thorough cleansing action, but also provide moisturizers and vitamins to help keep the skin healthy. Cleansed skin is able to function more efficiently, revealing a healthy, beautiful glow.

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Even skin that looks clean, requires a daily cleansing. The formulas of Quintessence Skin Science Cleansers Products remove the layers of old, dead skin cells, stubborn deposits of contact dirt and old cosmetics and the chemical compounds that come from the environment. Not only do these cleansers do this more efficiently and effectively than soap and water, they do not dry out the skin or remove the natural sebum oils that skin requires to remain balanced and healthy.

Many of the materials deposited on the skin are, or can become, toxic and disruptive to skin health. The action of Quintessence Purifying Cleanser removes these impurities, including old particles of makeup, contact and airborne contaminants and the old surface oils and dead skin cells, gently and without irritation. Unlike washing with soap and water, the cleanser does not dry out the skin or disrupt the natural oil and pH balance of the skin, allowing the skin to function efficiently. Removing layers of impurities from the surface and unpacking clogged pores allows healthy new cells an opportunity to come to the fore and express a beautiful, healthy glow. The action also reduces the conditions under which acne breakouts are more likely to occur. While cleansing, the formula also provides the skin with the soothing, moisturizing and strengthening benefits of botanical extracts, vitamins and antioxidants. Moreover, this cleansing prepares the skin to be more receptive to subsequent skin care treatments, allowing the tissues to more readily accept and absorb moisturizers, toners and other formulas.

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