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The most vital thing you can give your skin is moisture. Without adequate moisture, your skin becomes rough and flakey. In more extreme cases it can become red, irritated and itchy. Some people are genetically prone towards dry skin while others develop it from exposure to temperature extremes, dry air, taking too many hot showers and baths or using harsh cleansing products. Quintessence Skin Science Moisturizers treats dry skin with ingredients that deeply hydrate, forming an invisible shield against moisture loss. With regular use, you’ll notice an improvement in skin texture and your skin will feel and appear softer and suppler. Make Quintessence Skin Science Moisturizers a part of your basic skin care program to prevent and relieve dryness. Find out what other shoppers are saying by visiting the Quintessence Skin Science Moisturizers Reviews page.

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Skin that’s rough and calloused from lack of moisture needs intensive therapy. Quintessence Dual Action Moisturizing Lotion contains lactic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid that draws moisture from the environment, and dimethicone, an ingredient that helps to seal it in. Plus, it contains urea, a keratolytic, to treat rough skin and flakey calloused areas. It’s ideal for very rough areas like the skin around your knees, ankles and elbows that regular moisturizers can’t sometimes necessarily tackle. For best results, use it after showering or bathing. Find out what other customers are saying by visiting the Quintessence Skin Science Moisturizers Reviews page.

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