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It often takes time to find the right products to cleanse, firm, and moisturize your skin. When you do find those products, you want to share your discovery with your family and friends. With Quintessence Skin Science Reviews, you can share your knowledge about this line of products far beyond your social circle. Tell potential customers around the world about your experience with Quintessence Skin Science Products. Share your discovery with other potential customers investigating these products on the Quintessence Skin Science Reviews Page.

Online shopping gives customers the unique experience to review their products publically. You can share the pros and cons of the product, making the sometimes-risky online shopping experience easier for people just like you. Consumers can research products beyond generic product descriptions and find out what real users thought of the products. Join in on the discussion on the Quintessence Skin Science Reviews Page today, whether you’re a current or potential user.

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burned my undereye area -2/7/2008 5:30:17 AM At first it looked like a good product but now it,s horrible.It made my undereye area red like its burned.I won,t use this product again for sure.
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not sure... -12/31/2007 8:42:13 PM Well my dark circles are not lighter but that might be b/c i use it only 2x a week. It's been about 5 months since I started using this product. One good thing is that i haven't noticed any lines around my eyes but that might be b/c i stay out of the sun and am 28 yrs old....So I'm just not sure about this product but I feel like with continued use, I might not age as much around my eyes. So I'll continue to use it.
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questionable -10/31/2007 11:28:49 AM Doesn't work for me. I don't see any improvements. Sometimes the skin area under my eyes hurt when i wake up in the morning after i use this on the previous night. I thought it was because it doesn't provide much moisturizing so I tried to put eye cream after i use this. But it is hard to put the eye cream over this product. For now, i just want to try to finish this product so I don't waste my money.
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Gets the job done -4/10/2007 11:06:43 AM The product lives up to its marketing. It is incredible how it helps with puffiness and dark circles. With allergy season in full bloom my nose may be worse for the wear but my eyes do not show any of the tell tale signs.
Sharon C.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
I like it! -4/5/2007 4:17:17 PM I bought this cleanser after it was recommended to me for my skin type by a Miami dermatologist. I thought the price was reasonble so I purchased it and I just used it for the first time. It is a clear, gel type product and feels good on my sensitive skin.
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not for the face -1/8/2007 10:27:28 PM I used this on my face and did not see results as I see with the other stretch mark creme. I wouldn't buy it again
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very good for the dark cicle! -10/22/2006 11:38:14 PM I get it from my doctor, and works very good! My dark cicle begin to geting lighter and lighter after 4weeks. thanks for Quintessence!!!!
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What I was looking for -9/21/2006 9:03:23 PM Thsi is what I was looking for. I have thinning hair but I am not bald, so I wanted sun protection for my scalp, but with a product designed as a hair product. I tried my first bottle, and I think I am hooked, at least until I find something better, which I haven't found yet.
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Nothing like it1 -8/11/2006 6:28:24 AM I am a skincare fanatic, and I have honestly tried most skincare brands on the market. I have to say that this cream is amazing for stretch marks. Tnere is no cure for stretch marks, but this cream defintely comes really close. Ive used it for about 2 yrs now, and my stretch marks are practically all gone. I cant believe it, and neither can my friends. It really is amazing, and I would tell everyone to try it. The results arent overnight, but with time you will get incredible results..I promise.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Highly Recommended -8/5/2006 2:13:30 PM I was placed on this product by my Dermatologist because of some stretch marks I had on my outter thighs and buttocks because of weight gain. My Dermatologist noted that I would have to use the product for at least 6 months before I could see improvement. However to my surprise, I started using this product for the first 8 weeks, (applying it 3 times a day) and my stretch marks are starting to fade already, I am really excited about it, so I will continue to use it a little while longer for more fantastic results. If you hate the sight of ugly stretch marks, use this product cause it really works!! :D
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Additional Quintessence Skin Science Reviews Information

You will find pages of reviews on the Quintessence Skin Science Reviews Page. Products are identified by name and image, making navigation easy. Scroll through the list of reviews, or visit the product pages to find reviews for a specific product. Each review provides a wealth of information for potential customers. The products are rated from one to five stars, and the pros are listed. Then, reviewers offer anywhere from a few words to a few paragraphs about their experience with Quintessence Skin Science Products.

If you’re a current user, discuss your experience with the product on the Quintessence Skin Science Reviews. Rate the product from one to five stars in three areas: overall rating, price/value, and ease of use. List some of the pros of the product using short, descriptive phrases. Provide some demographic information, including your age group, gender, and skin type. In the free-form area, talk about your experience with the product. Did you see results? How long did it take for them to appear? Was the price right? Would you buy this product—or other Quintessence Skin Science Products—again?

The Quintessence Skin Science Reviews Page is the place for all current and future customers to gather on the web. Here, you can read about personal experiences with the product, which can give you a sense of what real users, like you, think of the product line. Rather than allowing just one review to sway you, absorb all of the reviews to develop a general sense of Quintessence Skin Science Products. This way, you’ll make the most of the Reviews page, allowing you to choose the right product for your beauty needs.

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