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While many nutrients play a key role in good skin health, vitamin A stands apart from others for its ability to offer multiple benefits for the complexion. As an antioxidant, vitamin A breaks down free radicals in the environment into water and oxygen, preventing the reactive particles from causing damage to the skin cells. In addition to its wrinkle-fighting antioxidative actions, vitamin A also stimulates cellular turnover and can be used to treat skin roughness, hyperpigmentation and acne. Prescription-strength vitamin A derivatives called retinoids are used by many women to improve the health of the skin, but for many others, these formulas produce unwanted side effects like irritation and dryness.

Retriderm products were developed as a safe alternative for women unable to use traditional retinoids. Scientifically formulated to ensure maximum absorption, the Retriderm products can rival the benefits of prescription-strength retinoids without exposing the skin to harsh ingredients. Ideal for those looking to soften wrinkles and prevent everyday skin damage, Retriderm products allow everyone to benefit from the power of vitamin A.

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Give your skin a daily dose of vitamin A with Retriderm products to fight signs of aging, soften the complexion and fade blotchy hyperpigmentation.

The Retriderm Vitamin A Serum provides the skin with .5 percent retinol, a derivative of vitamin A that stimulates cellular turnover without causing unwanted irritation. The formula also contains sodium hyaluronate, which draws water from the air into the skin tissue, helping to normalize moisture levels in the skin and fill in fine lines. Soluble collagen in the formula offers structural support for the skin tissue, while glycerin further hydrates the complexion.

The Retriderm Vitamin A Serum Extra Strength includes .75 percent retinol, offering a slightly stronger solution than the original Retriderm formula. The product is ideal for those with mild discoloration or those who require slightly more exfoliation to minimize the appearance of signs of aging. The formula contains all of the skin-healthy ingredients found in the original product, including sodium hyaluronate, glycerin and soluble collagen.

The Retriderm Vitamin A Serum Ultra is the strongest product available in the Retriderm collection with a dose of 1 percent retinol. Intended for those with advanced signs of aging or more severe hyperpigmentation, the formula offers the highest level of exfoliation. Like all of the products in the range, the serum is intended for use once or twice per day and should be applied to the entire complexion after cleansing and 3 to 5 minutes before any other skin care products are applied.

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