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Revision Skincare reviews

Physicians demand high quality skin care products to offer their patients – ones with proven benefits. Revision Skincare has risen to the challenge by supplying dermatologists and plastic surgeons with skin care treatments backed by extensive research and testing for over twenty years. Their products are formulated with potent antioxidants that exert their anti-aging action at the cellular level – to give you smoother, firmer skin that belies its age. Their goal is to deliver only the highest quality, purest products. As a result, they formulate and manufacture their products on site to provide you with the most advanced anti-aging skin care products available – products that can make a visible difference in the way your skin looks and feels. Find out what other customers are saying by visiting the Revision Skincare Reviews page.

The world of skin care products and cosmetics can seem overwhelming. There are so many choices! How do you know which is best? If you have questions about how a product works, head over to the Revision Skincare Reviews page where shoppers who have used the products rate the products and leave reviews. To get there from a product description page, click on the “reviews” link. From here you can read reviews on a single product. If you’d like reviews on all the products in the line, click on the Revision Skincare Reviews link on the introductory page.

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Horrible -9/22/2007 6:12:14 PM I have used many eye creams for dark circles and decided to try this because of the reviews. I would rather have dark circles than the results I had with this cream. My eyes got all red, swollen, and bumpy. They were also got rashy, flaky dry and itchy areas all around my eyes which took days to heal. So don't waste your $55 like I did, trust me this product is horrible and I just want to prevent someone else from my mistake. You'll love seeing just your dark circles after using this product!
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Disappointed -9/17/2007 4:20:59 AM I used this faithfully twice a day for 8 weeks - it did nothing for my dark circles. I thought this cream was the BEST on the market from the reviews but not so for me. I would not recommend this product nor would I repurchase.
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Disaster! -8/28/2007 11:50:40 AM I have never had a reaction to any skincare product except this one. The area around my eyes became very red and extremely swollen. It took a couple of days for the inflammation to subside, followed by at least a week of very tight, dry and flaking skin. Not the results I was hoping for!. Had no choice but to return product. Most disappointed.
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fabulous product -8/23/2007 3:11:33 AM I have forever struggled with dark circles and this is the ONLY product to actually give me results. **even my husband noticed (before I could ask him to)** I am ordering this product for the second time!!!
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Pleasantly surprised -7/6/2007 4:41:55 PM This is the only cream a dermatologist recommended when I scheduled an appt. after having dark circles appear close to my 35th birthday...yeah, happy birthday. Anywho, I'd used a few other creams and saw no improvement whatsoever. I was hoping and praying a cream would work since I wasn't ready for any "procedure" that would cost a pretty penny. I've been using Teamine for about 7ish weeks and have seen an @ 80% reduction in the dark circles. Needless to say, I'm thrilled! Since I'm still in the early stages of usage, I'm expecting more results. I do apply 2x's/day but since so little is used, I've barely made a dent in the .5 oz. jar. I'm expecting it to last me at least 6 months but that's just a guess. Goes great on under makeup also
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OK :( -6/12/2007 9:55:40 AM I bought this product based on the great reviews. I have really bad dark circles with pale skin and was hoping this would be my miracle in a bottle to get rid of them. Unfortunately, there has been no difference. I've been using this product for almost 3 months now. It did work great on my bags but I found that it was a bit drying and I had to use a separate moisturizor on top of it. I really really wanted this eye cream to work. But it looks like I'm still on the search for that product.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Disappointed -4/28/2007 5:09:14 AM I'm 50 yrs. old and have been hiding behind thick glasses and dark circles since I was a teen. People without dark circles will never understand how self-conscious they make you feel. Getting older makes it harder to cover up as you get some bags & lines & cover up settles in. I've always envied those who don't have dark circles! I decided on Teamine after reading mostly positive reviews, plus the savings over Hylexin. The first month seemed okay -- the product went on smoothly and absorbed well. After about a month though, I began to experience (like Tammy) red spots, including dryness and flaking, making my eyes look worse! I have fairly oily skin too. I don't know if I should keep trying to use it, maybe with moisturizer, or toss it. To make matters worse, the product doesn't come with any literature to discuss such side effects or where to call for help. I never expected a miracle, but I dream of some fading that I can live with! Now I'm debating between MD Lift & Lighten, Hylexin or Strivectin. In the meantime, I found that some fairly good coverup's are a mousse foundation like Maybelline, or Judith August's orange (yes it works) masking creams available at beBeautiful. Sorry to ramble on but I just had to post my thoughts.
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Did not see a difference -3/17/2007 6:07:28 AM I got it for my husband to combat puffiness/bags. We divided and neither of us noticed ANY improvement at all.I was just hoping to reduce puffiness but saw no difference. It felt nice on but I would say that's about all.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
The Best! -2/14/2007 2:33:23 PM I've tried many eye serums, moisturizers, etc. over the years. But this stuff is the best I've ever tried! The fine lines around my eyes are almost non-existent. And while I've never had a huge problem with dark circles, I don't even think about them anymore.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Great for puffiness and skin smoothing, OK on dark circles -1/10/2007 6:02:38 AM This did only a little for my dark circles but I love the creamy texture (even wears well under makeup) and the fact that my eyes are not puffy when I wake up in the morning. Also recommended by my derm.
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Additional Revision Skincare Reviews Information

If you suffer with dark under-eye circles and puffiness, you know how frustrating this problem can be. The dark circles can be challenging to cover even with the best cosmetics. Revision Skincare offers an eye complex complete with antioxidants and other active ingredients like soy peptides, coenzyme Q10, vitamin C, horse chestnut, green tea extract and caffeine that tighten, smooth and clarify the under-eye area so this delicate skin appears firmer and brighter. With regular use, your under-eye area will appear visibly more youthful. Find out what other shoppers are saying by visiting the Revision Reviews page.

When you arrive at the Revision Reviews page, take time to look at the product ratings. Reviewers rate products based on a five-star system. It’s always encouraging to see lots of four and five star reviews, but don’t dismiss a product if it isn’t ranked highly. Look more closely and find out why the ratings were less than impressive. There are a number of reasons why a shopper might give a product a low rating. It may not have compared favorably to other products they used or they may have felt it wasn’t a good value. In some cases, reviewers will mention other products that worked better for them. Take these factors into account when making your decisions.

It’s always fun to share your opinion. Once you’ve tried a product, we hope you’ll revisit and let us know how it worked for you. It’s easy to write Revision Reviews. Simply log into your account and go to the page of the product you’d like to review. Click on the “write a review” link and you’re ready to go. When writing a review, you can leave as many details as you feel comfortable with. It’s your chance to express yourself and say what you think.

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