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Revivogen Scalp Therapy Formula for Men and Women is an effective safe and easy to use topical formula that is made from nature's most powerful ingredients to combat excessive hair loss and revitalize your own hair.

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Revivogen is owned by Advanced Skin & Hair, Inc., a company dedicated to natural solutions for healthy skin as well as hair restoration based on cutting edge research and technology. The CEO of Revivogen is dermatologist Alex Khadavi who introduced his formulation for natural hair restoration in 1999. Today Revivogen specializes in natural solutions for hair loss. Revivogen’s formula for hair restoration is a patented, natural DHT blocker which is proven to prevent hair thinning and hair loss. Hair thinning loss is very common in both men and women. In both cases, hair loss is most often caused by genetic factors that can be passed on from either or both parents. Male and female pattern baldness are the most common cause of hair loss and respresent over 95% of hair loss cases. Hair follicles shed normal hair because of DHT, otherwise known as dihydrotestosterone which is a byproduct of testosterone. What can start as thinner, shorter hair can lead to permanent hair loss. Once baldness has set in, it cannot be reversed as the follicle dies and simply cannot be brought back to life. Revivogen works by lowering the concentration of DHT on the scalp. The product is applied topically directly to the scalp, delivering a powerful treatment product exactly where it is needed. Unlike other hair loss remedies that must be taken orally and sometimes results in unwanted effects, Revivogen rarely produces negative side effects. Only mild irritation of the scalp has been noted in a small percentage of users.
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