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Lingering scars are a sign of your body’s powerful natural defenses—we can swiftly recover from even serious wounds, courtesy of the skin’s healing and regenerative capabilities—but they can also impact our self-confidence, particularly when they’re located in prominent parts of our body like the face or the arms. If you’d like to diminish the appearance of such markings, consider the advanced treatments of the ScarFade Products.

First unveiled in 1998, the ScarFade Products are specially crafted by a cadre of medical scientists to harness the restorative powers of silicone, commonly employed in hospital settings for wound treatment. ScarFade Products can help diminish the prominence of scars by evening skin tone and dissipating any discoloration. All of them are light in application and straightforward to use; they’re easy to incorporate into your daily routine for as long as you need their services.

Don’t let scars impact your bearing and well-being: Complete the healing process with the masking effects of ScarFade.

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In addition to their powerful action in diminishing the visibility of scars, the ScarFade Products are notable for being lightweight and unobtrusive: They conduct their healing work in an inconspicuous matter. Basically, you can apply these products and then go on with your life—and, all the while, your scars are becoming that much less obvious.

You’ll be impressed with how easy the ScarFade Scar Gel is to use and to wear. A light, non-allergenic topical ointment, this gel doesn’t leave behind an unpleasant, sticky residue and swiftly dries after application, yet it sets to work immediately. Its silicone formula helps reduce the prominence of scar markings, and also provides a micro-membrane that keeps skin moisturized. The application process is about as easy as you could ask for: Simply work in a small quantity of gel to the area in question two times a day, until it’s no longer needed.

Adding upon the efficient ScarFade formula with a full-bodied suite of antioxidants, the Laserfade Gel attends to post-laser erhthema and scarring to reduce the prominence of markings and help soothe and heal the skin. Rich in Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Co-Enzyme Q-10, and other nourishing agents, the Laserfade Gel imparts a fine micro-membrane over affected areas to pacify capillaries that may have become inflamed. You’ll also get the benefit of a hypoallergenic UVA/UVB sunblock in the bargain. To use, simply apply a small amount to the scar area twice a day for eight to twelve weeks, or until the gel’s no longer required.

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