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Firming/Cellulite reviews

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Try it. -6/12/2006 4:25:07 PM I love the Slimulator as I do all Bliss products. You can use in the shower with the soap or scrub, and use out of the shower with Bliss FatGirlSlim or High Thigh Serum, it works wonders!
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Awesome. -6/12/2006 4:11:14 PM Fat Girl Slim firms and tones my skin, greatly reduces the appearance of cellulite, and has even made my thighs smaller. I swear by this stuff!
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Love it. Highly recommended. -6/12/2006 4:02:35 PM I've used many cellulite creams and FatGirlSlim is certainly one of the best. Use it with the Bliss Slimulator massager and/or with Bliss Thigh High Serum for optimum results.
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Gentle yet Effective -5/25/2006 3:28:42 PM This is a great tool to promote blood flow stimulation to the areas you massage (thighs & butt). This is very gentle and does assist with cellulite reduction and prevention in conjunction with creams, excerise and a healthy diet. Worth the money.
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A shame -4/25/2006 7:18:27 AM A nice gel texture that absorbed nicely, but unfortunately after using exactly as directed (for several months) I saw no results whatsoever. I found it very difficult to locate actual consumer reviews on Murad's cellulite products, so wanted to share a real user's experience.
Stacy W
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The Best -4/24/2006 12:45:18 PM The Best Cellulite Cream Ever!
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Save your money -4/5/2006 6:31:00 PM I really wish I could say this stuff worked. Even when paired with recommendations from Dr. Murad's book, "The Cellulite Solution" I had little to no results. Plus, the stuff smells bad too.
jane d
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Highly Recommend -11/8/2005 4:23:14 AM A dermotologist recommended this because I had sun damaged/blotchy skin. Didn't show under makeup though. I've used this for 6 months and people are saying things like "Your skin is so beautiful" AND I don't even wear foundation any longer! It's worth the price that's for sure.
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