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Foot Care reviews

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The Best!! -9/22/2008 9:23:48 AM Like many others, I have tried so many other foot creams. This one is the best I have used. The first night I used it, I could already see results the next morning. I dunno how it works so well, but it does!!
Joey D.
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Best so far -8/19/2008 6:09:40 PM this has to be the best foot lotion I have bought from SkinStore. This stuff really works and is not greasy. I do not like greasy lotions. I put it on at night and it stays on.
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Blissful -5/12/2008 6:34:01 PM
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The best -4/25/2008 2:47:14 AM I have to take very good care of my feet due to an injury years ago. therefor I have tried every footcream under the sun and this is the absolute best footcream Ive ever come across!!! Makes your footsies supersoft and smelling great!!!
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It actually works! -4/10/2008 2:38:14 PM this may be the only skin care product I have ever used that works just like it is supposed to. You may still want to get a pedicures, but you won't need one. Salons will never sell this stuff because it would put them out of business.
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Dry Skin Peels Off! -3/6/2008 1:30:48 PM This is the best foot cream I have ever used. The dry skin just peels right off and feet are left feeling so soft.
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Buy This File! -2/18/2008 7:30:26 PM I love this file! My almost 40 feet are so smooth and with a fraction of the effort I would use with any other file.
Mrs. H
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Happy Tootsies! -1/15/2008 6:02:48 AM This is amazing! Massaging it into my feet is somehow relaxing and invigorating at the same time. My favorite night time ritual. It really is a skin treatment - my feet have never been this smooth and soft - at least since I started walking! A bargain at this price too. Get it!
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Truly worth it. -1/10/2008 7:17:34 PM I thought the price was ridiculous, but what do you know? It was the best product ever! there's a reason why it's priced 10 times more expensive.
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Sweet Feet! -1/8/2008 12:54:04 PM This cream is an all-in-one wonder. Keeps skin AND cuticles soft. But the main benefit for those who like to wear closed shoes without socks or stockings is that it completely eliminates food odor. When I take my shoes off at the end of the day, my feet still retain that soft, powdery scent. Yes, it's a bit too heavy to wear with sandals as it allows dirt and dust to stick to your feet, but as a foot cream for night, or with closed shoes, it's terrific.
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