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Scar Treatments reviews

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No Improvement -7/29/2008 10:33:49 PM I've used this consistently for weeks on 2 recent knee scars. There is no difference at all - very disappointed.
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Well... -7/25/2008 9:08:33 PM I just started using Mederma for about a week on some facial scars, and it seems to definitely have softened the scars. Since my scars are old I'll have to wait 3-6 months to fully see whether the product is as capable as its makers claim it is. I guess then I can give a full rating on its effectiveness.
New mom
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Ineffective -6/10/2008 4:20:33 PM This did nothing for my c-section scar even when used diligently on a daily basis (2X/ day) for over 3 months.
Billie, R.N.
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Skip It. -6/10/2008 9:54:44 AM I purchased the product after having a mastopexy and tummy tuck. I saw very little change if any at all. I was approximately 2 months out from surgery when I started using the product. It does peel quite a bit. I did not enjoy having the "flakes" sticking to or falling out of my bra and other pieces of clothing. I always applied as directed and waited until dry before dressing but it never matter. I also did not like the nail polish type brush. More product gets wasted by building up on the brush and having to be pulled off than you get actually applied. I had better results with Mederma.
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23 -5/4/2008 3:29:12 PM I received a scar at 12 and just started using it at 35. It has shrunk the scar amazingly. I must continue to use this product to get the full effect. I highly recommend
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great stuff -3/25/2008 6:58:56 AM My son was 10 months old when he had a severe facial laceration...he looks almost like it didn't happen now, the dr. gave us this to use and I attruibute this to a good surgeon and Mederma
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Makes my face RED and DRY -12/2/2007 5:50:51 PM Not work for me!
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Disappointing -11/23/2007 1:27:13 AM I bought this for my daughter who was bitten by a dog. She used it religiously as stated on the pack, but there was no change. Her scars are still very red and she is has become very self conscious. A waste of time and money.
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I love this product! -9/30/2007 6:57:07 PM I am 15 and have some really, really nasty old scars, some of which are almost 7 years old. Mederma has removed them completely!
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very itchy and makes my face red -9/30/2007 9:32:54 AM I used this product on my face acne scar for only two days, twice a day, and now my officemate is asking me what happened to my face, because it has red patches where i applied it and normal skin where i didn't. I also feel great itchy and dry last night. I will stop using it and see if i could return it.
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