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Scar Treatments reviews

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Not worth it for me
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Made me itch. -5/26/2007 7:21:10 AM I don't know if it REALLY works. I tried it awhile back for acne scars and it just made me itch. I'm using systemic enzymes and metrogel/coverblend for the acne scars now. Takes a long time, but it's working.
Suffolk, VA
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Waste of Time -4/13/2007 1:26:15 PM I've used Mederma faithfully on an old scar and it was simply a waste of time. I did not see any improvement whatsoever!
No a happy customer
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didi not work. PERIOD! -2/4/2007 5:32:29 PM I have very noticable scars on my legs and I never show them off... I became depressed and started to use this product... after 3 months NO change... and i did not order here but had to share my experience.
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It peels -12/19/2006 2:14:40 PM Works on some not on others. Takes about a week to peel the first layer. I used it on my leg and began itch so I lightly scratch it. The skin seemed to shed so I was excited. Problem was that it may have shed one level too deep. Now the pigmentation of the scratched area is now bigger and just as dark. My leg is usually covered so there is no sun exposure. Had to run to get the Bliss Liver Spot remover to lighten it. Which seems to work better.
Tina K
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A MUST for Dog Bite Scars -10/30/2006 9:12:14 AM When my son was 6, he was attacked by a dog. Thankfully he was only a few feet away when it happened however within the few seconds it took to reach him, the dog did enough damage for him to need aprox 160 stitches in his head and face. I found and began using this product when the stitches were removed and after 1 tube, people are shocked when I tell them the story because even when looking up close you cannot see the scars very well. Thanks to this product my son will never feel self concious or be reminded of the horrible event every time he looks in the mirror. Mederma is AWESOME!
Laura in Hawaii
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Yuck -9/13/2006 6:59:00 PM Sticky, takes forever to absorb, and after weeks of religious use, no progress on my scar. Very disappointing.
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So So -8/30/2006 12:42:48 AM Used this product until completely gone and see only slight change in appearance of my abdominal scar. Not sure if this was a normal change anyway since scar is still relatively new.
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Worthless product -8/6/2006 7:21:39 AM I used tube after tube and got ZERO results, zip, nada, nothing! Do not waste you money on this junk.
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thumbs down -7/4/2006 1:37:38 PM I used this a few years back...I applied it religiously to help improve my acne scars on my face. It did nothing except make me itchy...hated the smell too...
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No visible result -5/31/2006 7:46:04 AM I used about 4 tubes of this product but did not see any discernible result. Would not recommend for deep scars.
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