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When it comes to protecting the skin against environmental elements, the lips are often neglected. Air pollution, smoke, the sun, temperature extremes, and the wind can all take a significant toll on lips. Repeated exposure to these aggressors can cause lips to become lined, cracked, thinner, less full, and dehydrated. SkinCeuticals Antioxidant Lip Repair is much more than a sunscreen. It moisturizes and heals delicate lip skin while shielding it against the sun’s damaging ultraviolet radiation. It also contains AHA-free exfoliating ingredients to speed cell turnover. The result is smoother, fuller, and more youthful-looking lips. Learn more about how customers rate this antioxidant-rich balm in the SkinCeuticals Lip Products Reviews.

You have many options when choosing a nourishing protectant for your lips. The SkinCeuticals Lip Products Reviews can help you decide if a SkinCeuticals lip product is right for you. Perhaps you’ll learn more about a product’s healing properties. Or read that the soothing ingredients won’t irritate your lips. If you’re already a customer, please post your ratings and thoughts to SkinCeuticals Lip Products Reviews so others can gain better insight into the product’s benefits.

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One of my favorites -6/20/2008 1:31:49 AM This product works great for me. I use it early every evening - right after I wash my face. Then later, at bedtime, I use Lip Fusion XL. You only need a little bit of this - it goes a long way. I use other things on my lips in the daytime. I am not sure this would have the staying power needed, but at night, it is a great base and packed with some great ingredients you don't often see in a lip treatment.
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Wonderful!! -4/25/2006 2:16:41 PM My lips have been chapped and dry for over 2 years. I have used many lip products from other skin care companys with little or no results. I use this only 2 times a day and the change is dramatic. I just may try other products in the line now.
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Highly recommended. -2/27/2007 9:53:37 AM While on Accutane I found this to be the only product to keep my lips nice and smooth!!
Nancy Osborn
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Love it -11/21/2002 1:21:45 PM I love this product. I had my lower lip removed due to skin cancer and bought this recently after surgery, it has helped heal the new lip and made it so much more comfortable. I am still using it and am 9 months post surgery. I will keep on using it! It's really healing.
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Did not do a thing for me -12/30/2003 10:35:47 AM I am sorry but this product did not do a thing for me. My lips are still chapped. This came doctor recommended but it has been a huge disappointment. It doesn't even stay on you lips for more than 5 minutes. I reapply all day long and still I have not noticed a different. I will not buy this again.
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Vaseline, its cheaper! -11/13/2007 2:51:12 PM I have to agree with Tara, this did nothing for me either and Im only 35! It didnt feel like it "sinked" in just stayed there on the lips but then dried.
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