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With over 10 percent of the country covered with glaciers and its 300,000 residents inhabiting only a small area of the nation, Iceland is one of the purest, most unspoiled areas in the world. Here, nature continues its natural cycles of rainfall and dryness undisturbed by man, leaving the land pristine. Like the environment, your skin must maintain natural cycles of oil production to remain healthy and prevent oiliness and dryness; however, factors in our polluted, harsh environments can disrupt our complexion's natural balance and lead to skin care problems.

skyn ICELAND Toners And Clarifiers Products use extracts sourced from Iceland to help normalize the complexion. The formulas in the skyn ICELAND Toners And Clarifiers Products work with your skin's natural rhythms, helping to restore the tissue to ideal moisture levels without allowing it to become oily or shiny. Ultra gentle, yet maximally effective, skyn ICELAND Toners And Clarifiers Products can play an important role in your daily skin care regimen and help greatly improve the health of the entire complexion, leaving you more beautiful, more confident and more radiant.

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Discover the benefits of Iceland's pure herbs and glacial waters by using skyn ICELAND Toners And Clarifiers Products daily.

skyn ICELAND Arctic Face Mist with Multivitamin Complex is a refreshing facial toner that helps to soothe the skin and normalize moisture levels. The complex is designed to lessen the effects of histamine and hormones, which often are released into the skin during periods of stress. As a result, the formula reduces symptoms of irritation and environmental damage while regulating oil production in the pores.

White willow bark in the skyn ICELAND Arctic Face Mist with Multivitamin Complex formula helps to refine the pores, loosening blockages that can lead to acne blemishes and oversized pores. A natural source of salicylic acid, white willow bark also gently exfoliates the complexion, helping to smooth the skin and make imperfections less noticeable. Yeast extract and cucumber water are added to the formula to fight inflammation, leaving the skin less red and alleviating symptoms of itching, stinging and burning.

skyn ICELAND Arctic Face Mist with Multivitamin Complex is packed full of vitamins, which work together to nourish the skin and protect the cells from damage caused by free radicals. Among the nutrients included in the complex are skin-brightening vitamin C, cellular turnover-promoting vitamin A, conditioning vitamin E and hydrating vitamin B. The powerful antioxidant thiotaine is also included in the cooling spritz. The toner should be applied after cleansing and can be used over makeup all day long to soothe and rehydrate the skin.

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