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StriVectin CC

Signs of aging and environmental stresses leave their signs on skin. These flaws can be minimized with an anti-aging skin care formula, or they can be covered up with cosmetics. But there is also a third choice: combine anti-aging skin care with just a bit of flattering color. It's possible to have both an effective rejuvenating regimen while providing a correcting touch to your skin with the StriVectin CC collection.

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StriVectin CC Products

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This formula instantly rejuvenates skin and minimizes surface imperfections.
1 oz | BR111
No Longer Available
This treatment rejuvenates the eye area with a hint of sheer color.
0.25 oz | BR110
No Longer Available
This treatment restores a smooth, soft feel to the lips while enhancing their natural color.
0.5 oz | BR114
No Longer Available
This tinted moisturizer rejuvenates the complexion while minimizing pores.
1 oz | BR112
No Longer Available

Additional StriVectin CC Information

Carefully formulated to repair and protect while minimizing skin imperfections, these products use the advanced NIA-114 technology to provide clinically proven scientific skin care. The system provides cell-repairing molecules of modified niacin that absorb deep into the epidermis. The formula is designed to enhance the metabolism of skin tissues and promote skin growth for a healthy cell turnover. This process not only helps to replace surface imperfections of the skin, but helps provide a firm, smooth complexion by strengthening the supporting collagen and elastin tissues. For long-term anti-aging skin care, the StriVectin CC series of products provides cosmetics with an added touch, giving you ways to rejuvenate and correct skin tissues from the inside.

A leading maker of anti-aging skin care products, StriVectin offers a wide range of formulas that provide effective ingredients to strengthen, improve and protect skin tissues from the effects of the environment and the aging process itself. These products primarily work from deep in the skin tissues, repairing, revitalizing and improving skin health and beauty. With the StriVectin CC series of products, however, there is an added dimension to skin care: The anti-aging formulas are combined with cosmetics to minimize the visibility of surface imperfections. It is now possible to provide a little flattering, complexion-correcting color to the skin, as well as to provide moisturizing and sunscreen benefits, while the bioactive ingredients help improve the inner skin tissues.

The core of the StriVectin CC formulas is a proprietary, patented ingredient called NIA-114. Originally developed in the field of cancer medicine as a wound-healing bioactive element, it is a modified form of niacin (also known as vitamin B3), that is designed to be absorbed deep into the skin tissues. Once in the lower epidermal layers, NIA-114 bioconverts into a form of nicotinic acid that actively repairs and strengthens the skin. In particular, it promotes the production of new skin cells to allow the tissues to rejuvenate naturally as the skin cell turn-over replaces old, damaged cells with new, healthy ones. Added to that is a sheer color that smoothes texture and evens skin tone and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while providing moisturizers and sun screen for the face, lips and eye zone.

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