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Today, aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry is commonplace and studied by dental students throughout the world. The discipline's place in general dentistry is owed largely to Dr. Irwin Smigel, who is often called the Father of Aesthetic Dentistry. It was Dr. Smigel who stressed the importance of helping people feel better about themselves by improving the appearance of their teeth, and during his career, he has continually developed new innovations that make it easier to have a more beautiful smile. Created by Dr. Smigel, Supersmile Tooth Whiteners Products are a safe way to whiten and brighten your teeth at home.

The Supersmile Tooth Whiteners Products are powerful whitening formulas that help reduce the appearance of staining and discoloration without compromising the health of teeth. Unlike other whitening collections that contain only stand-alone treatments, the Supersmile collection gives you products for a full dental regimen with everything from toothpaste to whitening dental floss. The products are designed to be easy to use, so they won't take hours of your day to use. Discover the many benefits of Supersmile Tooth Whiteners Products today!

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Improve the health of your teeth and gums and fight stubborn staining with Supersmile Tooth Whiteners Products, formulated by the Father of Aesthetic Dentistry, Dr. Irwin Smigel.

The Supersmile Whitening Floss makes it possible to whiten your teeth in the difficult-to-reach spaces between them. The gentle floss uses Calprox to dissolve the thin layer of protein on the outer surface of the teeth that becomes littered with debris and grows discolored over time. Baking soda is also included on the floss to fight odors and leave your breath smelling fresh and clean. The floss is sold on a 100-yard spool, which is approximately a 3-month supply.

The Supersmile Whitening Accelerator Component is the perfect addition to Supersmile Toothpaste. When added to your toothbrush along with the toothpaste, the accelerator leads to brighter, whiter results far more quickly. The formula's bleaching action gradually reduces the look of yellow and brown staining with just 2 minutes of brushing twice per day. The component is also an ideal way to prolong the benefits of in-office dental bleaching.

The Supersmile Quikee is a great way to freshen your breath and brighten your smile anywhere you go. The treatment is simply applied to the teeth and allowed to dissolve. You don't need to brush, floss or rinse following application. The formula contains Calprox, which is clinically proven to dissolve stains. In addition, the ingredient helps to fight plaque, leaving with you a smile that is not only whiter, but also much healthier.

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