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Tammy Fender Treatments

When you choose Tammy Fender Treatments, you're making an investment in your skin's health. These treatments help target specific skin issues that your average daily products might not address. While each treatment is designed to address specific concerns, you can also discover many benefits across this line of products. Organic botanical formulas deliver plant oils as well as beneficial vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids to your complexion. Essential oils can nourish the skin, and naturally active ingredients result in formulas that are as effective as they are gentle. These treatments are cruelty free, featuring formulas that are never tested on animals. Even more, they are free of parabens, mineral oils, petrochemicals, preservatives, and artificial colors and fragrances.

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Tammy Fender Treatments Products

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This deep-penetrating, ultra-moisturizing treatment replenishes, restores and weatherproofs the skin.
1 oz | TX012
An acne treatment gel that relieves redness and irritation while preventing scarring.
1.9oz | TX011

Additional Tammy Fender Treatments Information

When your ordinary skin care products aren't creating truly beautiful skin, consider Tammy Fender Treatments. These products help take your skin to the next level of health and beauty, giving you a radiant, even youthful glow, every day. Consider your skin's unique needs – then, select a treatment that addresses those needs. Your purchase can put you on the path to healthier skin.

A variety of common conditions can diminish your skin's overall appearance. Acne-caused blemishes and breakouts can afflict the skin at any age, far beyond puberty. Hyperpigmentation – those irksome discolored spots on the skin – can be caused by lifestyle choices such as excessive sun exposure. Aging can also affect the complexion in negative ways, resulting in skin that is dry, irritated, and stressed. Tammy Fender Treatments feature uniquely designed formulas that target these conditions and improve the appearance of your complexion.

After acne subsides, scars often remain. Effective treatments do more than just eliminate the existing blemishes – they also accelerate healing of acne and minimize scarring. Tammy Fender Treatments use ingredients such as thyme, myrrh, and tea tree oil, creating a formula that can clear, hydrate, and restore the healthy appearance of acne-prone skin. Impurities and bacteria can be addressed, leaving all skin types with a healthier looking complexion.

Ayurvedic fruit extracts are the base of a formula aimed at targeting hyperpigmentation, brightening dark spots and balancing the skin tone. This powerful botanical combines with proteins, amino acids, and essential fatty acids to promote brighter, clearer, and healthier skin. Better yet, formulas that target hyperpigmentation simultaneously protect the skin from sun damage and future hyperpigmented areas.

Aging is an inevitable skin concern, and Tammy Fender Treatments understand that these universal issues should be addressed. Formulas that feature rose, chamomile, and frankincense work to repair and rejuvenate the skin. Multipurpose treatments also work to hydrate and even weatherproof the complexion. Proven age-fighting ingredients work to create a radiant and more youthful appearing complexion for all skin types.

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