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TanTowel reviews

Many people aspire for the golden, tanned look—suggestive of a vigorous, sexy, and outdoors-oriented personality. The TanTowel line aims to provide that burnished look without the negative consequences of extensive exposure to sunlight that natural tanning often entails. SkinStore provides a wealth of information regarding the TanTowel products on the brand’s profile pages, but there are also unique perspectives contained in the TanTowel Reviews.

Scrolling through the TanTowel Reviews, you’ll access the voices of actual customers who haveve tried TanTowel products and want to share insight into their experience with others. You could well uncover the answer to one of your own questions, or discover an idea you hadn’t thought of. Anything goes with this freeform, engaging feedback.

Maybe one of the TanTowel Reviews will point you to one of the products. And maybe after using that product, you feel inspired enough to add your own perspective to the conversation. TanTowel Reviews are as easy and fun to write as they are to read!

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TanTowels ROCK!!!! -2/21/2008 5:07:20 PM These are the easiest way to get a tan without the sun!!!! The color comes out very natural (even on me and I'm very pale). Always looks great, lasts several days and fades gradually. They do have a bit of a smell, but so far I haven't found a self-tanner that doesn't and these are soooo worth it!!!!
Susan in Texas
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Where's the Color??? -1/9/2008 6:24:29 AM I thought we had all moved forward into the "instant color" days. This is just back to guess work. Some areas are lighter, some are darker and some I just missed! Then you have to buy the tan towel too just to try to smooth it out.
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Love It! -6/22/2005 10:59:26 AM These are the best! I love a tan and these are the best alternative to the real (evil) sun. Will use forever!!
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Be$t Buy -6/9/2005 7:49:54 PM Loved this product. No streaking! Easy application! Skin feels softer. 10 packs per box is best dollar value. I am a repeat buyer. Safer than sun rays, too.
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Be$t Buy -6/9/2005 7:49:43 PM Loved this product. No streaking! Easy application! Skin feels softer. 10 packs per box is best dollar value. I am a repeat buyer. Safer than sun rays, too.
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Works great-easy to use -4/6/2005 4:45:21 AM I really like the TanTowels. Goes on evenly and easily. However, they said it's orderless and it's not. The towel is citrusy but after applying you can smell that self-tan smell.
Pat Poore
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Fantastic -2/21/2005 8:10:32 AM I was given TanTowels for Christmas and even though I live in Florida I don't want to get a tan from the sun. So this was a perfect gift. It is so easy to use and looks so natural. Just like I am getting a natural tan without the rays!
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Highly recommend -2/17/2005 6:57:18 AM I have tried lots of self tanning products and this is the only one where the results are favourable. No streaking or odour, does not come off on your clothes and bedding. Nice even tan.
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Additional TanTowel Reviews Information

Customer feedback isn’t just important for a company to register; it can be really helpful for other consumers who may be torn about a product they’re considering purchasing. TanTowel Reviews are there for you when you’re in such a boat—or if you’re more casually shopping around for gift ideas.

You can reach the TanTowel Reviews by clicking on the clearly labeled links or tabs from both the brand’s main page and the individual profiles of its products. You’ll find each review distinguished by starred ratings for basic aspects of the product, pros and cons, whatever biographical information the reviewer wishes to share, and—the meat of the deal—an individualized discussion of the experience, good or not so good. You can sort all of this information based on date or rating using the pull-down menu at the head of the review listings.

So check out the TanTowel Reviews whenever you’re investigating these unique tanning products, and remember to take a few moments to write up your own feedback once you’ve used them. At their best, they became a kind of dialogue between customers—a chance to lend advice, mull over the best practices for use, and just generally weigh the relative merits of one product or set with another.

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