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Modern skin care no longer relies exclusively on botanically based compounds. A new generation of electronic devices have been developed to help supplement traditional skin care by bringing new technology to beauty therapy. The line of Tei Spa Products have been developed with the help of professional estheticians, facialists, dermatologists and cosmetologists to bring spa-level electronic treatments to individuals.

Until now, electronic hand-held devices have been exclusively available at spas and in professional treatment settings, but Tei Spa Products are designed to bring them into the privacy of the home. These devices use high frequency and galvanic technologies to target facial and body cleansing, full body exfoliation, acne treatments, microderabrasion and anti-aging treatments. These safe, gentle treatments are an alternative to more expensive professional therapies, while still offering the same level of results. For literally thousands of years, maintaining and improving beautiful-looking skin has involved the use of plant extracts and other natural materials applied to the skin's surface. Tei Spa Products take advantage of new understanding of how skin tissues work and use different approaches to improve skin health and appearance.

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New technologies that help bring skin care into the modern age form the basis of Tei Spa Products, a selection of hand-held devices designed for home use. These devices use advanced methods to allow treatment of the deeper tissue layers, working to help the skin repair and regenerate and providing more effective skin care.

High frequency facial treatments help skin by improving the natural process that take place in the deeper layers, helping to stimulate, sanitize and heal skin tissues. The Tei Spa OxyDerm facial device uses high frequency energy to generate ozone just above the skin's surface. This creates warmth in the skin tissues and stimulates nerve endings. As a result, better blood circulation is promoted, nourishing the skin and improving the health of skin tissues. Skin cells are repaired, purified and oxygenated, promoting better skin cell growth and strength. This technology has been tested and proven safe and effective for treatment of dry and dehydrated skin, benefiting blemish-prone skin and providing antibacterial benefits. The application of high frequency treatments affects the regulation of the sebaceous and soporiferous glands in the skin, which determines the level of natural oils: Too little sebum results in dry, damaged skin, while too much is a contributing factor to acne breakouts. Treatment with this device allows the skin to become balanced and clear, with an ideal level of hydration. Well-hydrated skin is firmer and less prone to the formation of lines and wrinkles. With continued use, the OxyDerm device can provide a softer, firmer, glowing complexion.

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