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Thibiant Beverly Hills Cleansers

The key to a successful skin care regimen is proper cleansing. At the beginning of the day, and again just before bed, it's imperative to make sure that the skin is clear of all the excess oils, materials deposited from the environment, contact dirt and the accumulated product and cosmetics.

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Additional Thibiant Beverly Hills Cleansers Information

The line of Thibiant Beverly Hills cleansers are designed to make sure that the skin is thoroughly - but gently - cleansed, from the broad sweep of the forehead and cheeks to the delicate areas around the eyes. These cleansers have been carefully formulated to provide effective and efficient removal of materials that can cause skin problems. At the same time, they provide soothing and gently moisturizing ingredients to keep the skin from losing its natural protective mantle. Achieving this delicate balance comes naturally to the skin care product designers at Thibiant Beverly Hills. With nearly four decades of experience in skin care and beauty aesthetics – both in a spa setting and providing skin care products for use at home – they can offer cleansers that will provide successful care for a range of skin types.

In the course of the day and at night, skin is subjected to a constant build-up of excess oils, shed skin cells, deposits of airborne soot and environmental contaminants. Added to that are old skin care products and the stubborn residue of cosmetics. Thibiant Beverly Hills offers a series of cleansers which can efficiently clear away this residue and give the skin a chance to rest and renew itself. This has to be done carefully, to remove the built-up materials and to allow the natural process of skin cell turnover to occur, while also maintaining the skin's protective layer. These products add soothing and moisturizing ingredients so the skin retains its proper pH and hydration.

For nearly 40 years, the Thibiant Beverly Hills spa has offered unsurpassed skin care treatments, gaining a loyal following of thousands of women who insist upon only the best. The spa also developed, under the guidance of experienced formulators, a series of state-of-the-art skin care products for use at home. This includes a line of cleansers. These products follow the same principles as the in-spa treatments: to balance and protect the skin. They offer a variety of approaches to the important cleansing stage of the skin care cycle. They also offer cleansing and moisturizing formulas and mild exfoliators that promote a healthy renewal of skin tissues. Each product is carefully formulated, including the mild but effective cleansers, with ingredients to strengthen, protect and moisturize. Soothing and refreshing, including botanical extracts as well as clinically-developed ingredients, these formulas can be used on a wide range of skin types.

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