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Thibiant Beverly Hills Eye Products

All skin is subject to damage from harmful conditions. These include everything from the ultraviolet rays of the sun to dry air, atmospheric pollution, wind and temperature – even problems with diet, sleep and stress. The effect of any of these conditions is multiplied and magnified in the thin, delicate skin of the eye zone, making it most likely to show signs of stress and age. Collagen and elastin cells, which provide the structure that makes skin firm, smooth and supple, are thin and close to the surface, where ultraviolet light, in particular, can weaken them. This can cause lines and wrinkles to form, discoloration, sagging skin and puffiness. The tiny blood capillaries are close to the surface, so that any changes can immediately show additional darkening of the skin. This darkness is often referred to as dark circles.

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Additional Thibiant Beverly Hills Eye Products Information

Thibiant Beverly Hills eye products are formulated to provide the greatest protection to keep the skin in the eye zone looking smooth and youthful. Thus, when the skin does fall victim to any problems, the products provide ingredients that can help restore and rejuvenate its natural beauty.

To help minimize the signs of distress to the skin of the eye zone and help strengthen the tissues to minimize additional skin flaws, the Thibiant Beverly Hills eye products provide advanced formulations. These consist of moisturizers, antioxidants, peptides, botanical extracts and laboratory-developed ingredients. They are designed to help combat fatigued, puffy and tired eyes by addressing inflammation, firming skin tissues and strengthening the capillaries. Hydration – even for puffy areas – allows the skin to attain a proper balance and reduce the signs of fine lines and wrinkles. Pure mineral ingredients act as light diffusers, to minimize the appearance of darkened areas. With the help of green tea extracts and other powerful antioxidants, protection against free radicals can also help minimize the signs of aging.

With nearly 40 years of experience in spa procedures and state-of-the-art skin care formulas, Thibiant Beverly Hills eye products follow a philosophy that provides an individual approach to each person's aesthetic needs. Promoting healthy collagen and elastin production can help to firm and smooth the skin, minimize puffiness and reduce the signs of lines and wrinkles. Properly balanced skin also provides a healthy skin cell turn-over, which allows surface skin to be replaced by new, healthy cells. This process of natural renewal can help improve skin flaws and provide protection against further damage. Incorporated into a regular skin care regimen, these formulas can be used morning and evening to help restore and strengthen the condition of the skin in the delicate eye zone.

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