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Thibiant Beverly Hills Toners/Clarifiers

The goal of a skin care regimen is to help your skin achieve balance. Thibiant Beverly Hills Toners/Clarifiers are designed to take their part in your skin care program, working to bring your complexion to a smooth, healthy and radiant beauty. Their purpose is to complete the cleansing phase and prepare skin for the next step in your beauty routine. Washing, cleansing and exfoliation - stages of skin care that help promote a healthy complexion - can actually place the skin out of balance by disturbing its tone and causing changes to the pH level.

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Thibiant Beverly Hills Toners/Clarifiers Products

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An alcohol-free, dual action toner, formulated with Peppermint Oil to stimulate and refresh.
6oz | HF018
No Longer Available
This toner provides anti-aging benefits and antioxidants as it calms and conditions the skin.
6oz | HF019
No Longer Available

Additional Thibiant Beverly Hills Toners/Clarifiers Information

Toners and clarifiers play a special part in skin care, providing a finishing step that restores the skin's acid mantle, tightens the appearance of large pores and helps achieve a firmer, smoother looking complexion. The carefully formulated Thibiant Beverly Hills Toners/Clarifiers are based on the deep understanding of skin gained by the spa's estheticians and product designers, gained during nearly 40 years of experience in the demanding field of beauty spas. Their techniques and formulations are based on a results-driven model of skin care: their clientele have always asked for nothing but the best.

Thibiant Beverly Hills Toners/Cleansers bring skin back into balance with just a swipe of a cotton ball. Each step in a skin care regimen addresses a specific need, but in the process may disturb the skin in some subtle way. Cleansing, meant to remove excess oils, impurities, old dead skin cells and residual cosmetics, may disturb or even completely remove the layer of natural oils on the skin that form the acid mantle. This layer helps the skin stay moisturized and supple, and helps protect the skin from common problems. The natural pH balance of the skin, pore size and general skin tone may also be affected by the process of cleansing, exfoliation and other treatments. Toners and clarifiers are formulated to help return the newly cleansed skin to a natural, smooth and firm balance.

Using botanical extracts and laboratory developed ingredients – but never drying alcohol - the Thibiant Beverly Hills Toners/Clarifiers are formulated to refine the skin and to achieve a smooth, beautiful complexion. They help the skin return to the optimal pH of 4.5, which helps maintain the important, protective acid mantle. When the cleansing regimen opens pores to help clear them of packed materials, the toners include natural astringents to tighten the pores. This helps achieve a smooth and satiny complexion. Toners and clarifiers allow moisturizers and treatment products to work better. When the skin is properly balanced, it’s much more receptive to the next step in your beauty routine.

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