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experimenter Gender: M
Pros: feels really good, good for travel Cons: seems pricey
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
I'm a Convert -8/27/2015 8:31:10 PM As a man, face washing was never high on my list. A certain feminine influence caused me to change my ways. I began trying various washes and scrubs, etc. At first I used my hands but that was way too lady-like so I tried some small brushes. Better but still too dainty. When this device became available I was immediately interested; if I have to wash my face why not use a machine? I ordered one and was hooked after the first use. Can't say whether the results are better than the hand/brush method but it feels better - you get a free massage with every wash. I'm disappointed if I can't use it. Feels sturdy and well made and I plan on taking it when I travel. I also like the cleaner that came with it. I couldn't be more pleased, and my face has never been happier.
eringailsays Charleston, SC
brandLoyalist Age Group: 25-34Gender: F
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Not in my Color Palette, but LOVE the Product. -8/27/2015 7:13:58 AM I am a huge Clarisonic Mia fan - I purchased this one after my grey one died 3 years in. This color is BRIGHT. I wish I hadn't gotten Mai Tai - it's not coral - it's NEON pink. But, I love what it does to my face, so I guess I'll be sticking with it!
Pros: pretty, waterproof, easy to travel with, under an hour to charge via usb, 450 uses, great way to oil cleanse, easy to use and clean, no replacement parts Cons: looks a bit like a vibrator
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Love this thing -8/25/2015 6:10:56 AM This is practically a must for anyone who oil cleanses their skin. It massages the skin rather than irritating it. It only takes a little while to charge. It fits in the palm of my hand and feels nice to use. It's easy to clean up and there are no extra costs.
Age Group: 25-34Gender: F
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
In Love with this purchase!! -8/25/2015 5:57:36 AM I Love this Mia 2! My skin has improved so much since i started using it, it's a bit expensive, but totally worth it.
minimalist Age Group: 35-44Gender: F
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Very soft -8/24/2015 8:13:57 PM I have tried several of the Clarisonic brush heads including this one, Sensitive and Delicate. The Radiance brush head is very soft and feels nice on my face, however, it's so soft I question its ability to do much exfoliating. My skin is not overly sensitive so I would probably go back to the Delicate again next time. Lovely brush head for sensitive users though I would imagine.
experimenter Age Group: 35-44Gender: F
Pros: gentle, quiet, watertight
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Why did I wait so long?? -8/24/2015 12:00:43 PM I've wanted a Clarisonic for years, but didn't think I could justify the price, so I purchased a lesser known, much less expensive brand at department store chain. It cleaned my face, but it was loud, and the replacement heads were hard to find. After a couple of years, the thing needed to be replaced, and I had a coupon code, so I bit the bullet and bought the Clarisonic. I am so glad I did! The Clarisonic is weighty in the hand, but not heavy. It's comfortable to hold, and I have no issues with the fact that it only has one speed. The Mai Tai color is so vibrant and pretty, too. The best part, for me, is that the unit is sealed, so that I don't have to remember to close a little plastic flap, like I did with the previous machine - just charge and go!
CapriciousStar Florida
experimenter Age Group: 55+Gender: F
Pros: heat quickly, ability to customize size of rollers Cons: individual rollers are heavy, rollers are hard to remove, when rollers hit the floor they crack, orginal set may have sizes you won't use
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Mixed: Really wanted these to be better -8/12/2015 6:35:28 AM I have used hot rollers for over 45 years. I ordered these when, after a bad hair cut, I needed something to add some curl to camouflage the choppy layers. Decided to splurge on the T3 rollers. I cannot see a huge difference in improved curl with these over the less expensive rollers I have bought for years at a beauty supply store. However, they are a little better. When used as directed there is no standard little metal clip that we are used to from the hot rollers that I started using in the early 1970's. When you remove the clip they provide, the roller, because they are so heavy, will often fall to the floor. The plastic on both ends is made of a very cheap, brittle material and when they hit the floor they crack and break off. This is totally unacceptable. For the smallest and medium size rollers, you can add the clips you would use on other rollers and then put the T3 clip on over it. That helps. However, for the largest rollers, the standard clips are too small and not as effective. The clip that T3 provides are good. They hold the roller securely in place and, used properly, will not leave a line as some other clips that cover the hair will do. T3 really needs to find a different, more resilient plastic to put on these rollers. And they need to add the additional standard clips to hold the rollers in place so they don't fall out when you remove their large clip. I have used previous hot rollers of different brands for years without any damage to the rollers when I have dropped them. And eventually they will get dropped. In other reviews I read before I bought the set, I noticed this concern from others and ignored it. However, these rollers are heavy. The heating element is in the roller - which is what makes them heat faster and hotter. However, it is what makes them slip out of your grasp very quickly. Once cracked, they are done. You have to replace the individual roller in a set of two. Also, I have thick, long hair. This requires more rollers than are provided in the eight roller set. If you add extra rollers - there is not enough room to put all the rollers and clips away in the soft sided, zip to close case that comes with this set. So you need to buy a separate case to hold the extras and T3 doesn't sell a matching case for extra rollers, etc. The rollers do heat very quickly and seem a bit hotter than others I have used. And that is what I was hoping for. But to continue using this set, I need to replace at least 4 rollers after less than 1 year of use. Also need to buy a couple more rollers of the medium size because the largest size doesn't give me the curl or volume that I need for my hair. Another pro / con is that the set is what you get, however, unlike other hot roller sets you can add more of the size you like and just remove the ones you don't use and put them in another case for possible future use. I have not seen any other hot rollers with the ability to customize the sizes in the set. Especially in the small, travel size. Overall, the product is a disappointment - however, the positives have me on the fence about buying replacement and additional rollers.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Safe & easy way to curl lashes! -7/28/2015 8:20:50 AM No clamping/ripping out my lashes! Love this curler! I am surprised to see negative comments. Try using after applying your mascara. Love, love it.
LeeLeeHR Minneapolis, MN
brandLoyalist Age Group: 35-44Gender: FSkin Type: sensitive
Pros: absorbs quickly, pleasant fragrance, gentle, smooth texture, nice accompanying products Cons: tediuous, unit not strong enough
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Overrated -6/19/2015 3:26:59 AM I was so excited to get this because I am devoted to the Clarisonic Pro. I usually use a foot file in the shower which does a great job keeping my feet smooth and sandal ready year round. This unit was tedious, took forever, provided no strength in what it did to my feet and was a waste of my time and energy. The products are nice but even those for the price I wouldn't reinvest in once they're gone. I see the price is currently $99 and I wouldn't even pay that for this unit. A good old fashioned foot file does the job much better.
Kncarilna Nc
productJunkie Age Group: 45-54Gender: FSkin Type: normal
Overall Rating Overall Rating
My 2nd one -6/13/2015 2:43:17 PM I got the Mia 3 after I have had the plus for a couple of years. I wanted the smaller size and it is perfect. I will give the plus to one of my sisters. Best thing for your face, definitely worth the money.
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