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Topix In Sun reviews

Sunscreen is perhaps the most essential part of your daily skin care routine. It protects your skin from the development of fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, and, most importantly, skin cancer. Thus, sun protection helps you maintain healthy, youthful skin free of sun-created skin issues. Finding the right sun protection product is not always easy, however. Start your search for the right sun products by visiting the Topix In Sun Reviews Page. Here, you can read reviews for all Topix In Sun Products, including Sun Shield Spray, Defense Sun Pads, and Anti-Photoaging Complex.

Because Topix In Sun Products offer SPF protection in a number of styles and formulas, you need to research and compare the products before you settle on the right one for your skin needs. On the Topix In Sun Reviews Page, you can find out how real users responded to these products. Did they provide adequate sun protection? Do users recommend them? Did the product you’re interested in earn positive reviews? Reading the insight from current customers helps you see products in a new way. Look beyond the product description and discover how these products work on real users with real skin issues just like yours by reading Topix In Sun Reviews.

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no sun; no breakouts -7/18/2008 4:46:38 AM Although I find this a little expensive, it really protects from sun, and I haven't had a single pimple or other reaction like I have had with chemical sunscreens. The whiteness fades quickly and is not an issue. I have also seen a slight reduction in the crepe-iness of my skin, and since this is the only product I use religiously, it must be this. I am 42, and will continue to "treat" myself to this.
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Good Daily Sunscreen -2/28/2007 10:54:07 AM Nice texture for my combo skin. Not greasy; not dry. It leaves a little white cast but not too obvious. Very good for daily use.
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Not perfect -5/27/2006 4:01:02 PM My skin type is slightly dry to dry and very sensitive. I live in a humid climate and my skin gets more normal in the summer, but I need to avoid oily products. This is an oily product (my face looked very shiny) and although the zinc oxide is micronized, it still leaves a strong white film on your skin (I'm fair-skinned) and you have to wait a while for it to disappear. This sunscreen also made my face red and pimply. I have since learned that any chemical sunscreen, like avobenzone or parsol 1789, makes my skin look sunburned. This sunscreen has octinoxate and retinyl palmitate---two ingredients that I know that causes my skin to be red and pimply. My advice? Know what ingredients you can use and what you should avoid. I give 1 1/2 smiles because the SPF is high and there are antioxidants in the sunscreen. At least Citrix is trying.
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just OK -3/26/2006 2:45:58 PM Pros: - less white than the non micronized ZnO2 sunscreens unless you put too much and it becomes obvious - non irritable even around the eyes Cons: - shiny, need mattifier on top - concentration of Q10 and the antioxidants after it in the list is vanishing: a product with 0.5% Q10 (the necessary concentration) should look slightly yellow which is not the case here ...
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gives pale look -3/23/2006 9:06:43 AM It is not as white as the non micronized ZnO2 sunscreens - it gives me pale look, a little tint would help cancel out that completely. The suncreen is not very shiny yet not totally matte and needs mattifier on top. If this sunscreen contained the effective concentration of Q10 it should be slightly yellow which it is not. The other antioxidants are even less, do not buy it based on that.
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fabulous -8/5/2005 6:09:58 AM This is the best facial sunscreen I have ever used. It makes my skin radiant, and I don't even need makeup when I use it. I look healthy, my complexion looks even, too!
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Loved It -4/20/2005 4:12:27 PM This is the best sunscreen I've ever used! Not greasy, very light. Recommended by my dermatologist. I highly recommend it for people with acne prone skin.
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Additional Topix Reviews Information

Sun protection products are numerous, but they aren’t all created equal. Some sunscreens don’t provide adequate coverage, while others feature heavy formulas that leave your skin feeling greasy and weighed down. When you’ve discovered sun protection products that truly work, such as Topix In Sun Products, you want to tell others about your experience. Now, you can share far beyond your close circle of family and friends and write Topix In Sun Reviews.

One of the many advantages of online shopping is that you can research products before you buy and discuss product experiences after you make your purchase. As a reviewer of Topix In Sun Products, you become a powerful consumer, one who can impact the bottom line of the brand. Topix In Sun Reviews can influence how potential customers shop. A positive review can encourage customers to give these products a try, while a negative one will drive customers away. Thus, you have the potential to impact the brand’s success, so your review should be thoughtful, accurate, and detailed.

The content you include in Topix In Sun Reviews is up to you. Highlight the positives and negatives of your experience with these products. What did you like, and what could be improved? Did the Topix In Sun Product live up to expectations, and would you recommend it to readers? You can also rate the product from one to five stars based on overall rating, price/value, and ease of use. Providing this helpful information will guide potential customers in their search for a long-lasting, effective sun protection product.

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