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When you love the way your skin looks with a golden tan, the options available to help you achieve that gorgeous color that you crave can all be equally unappealing. Sun exposure and tanning beds are proven to increase your risk for skin cancer and can also cause your skin to develop wrinkles prematurely. Sunless tanning products offer an alternative to sun exposure, but many of the ingredient labels featured on those products read like something out of a science experiment. If you're concerned about the effects of chemicals on your skin, the Yonka Self Tanners Products can help you get a flawless sunless tan the natural way.

The Yonka Self Tanners Products are part of a collection of natural skin care formulas that use the principles of natural medicine to provide benefits to the skin. Like all the formulas made by Yonka, the sunless tanners promote good skin health and provide real results without being harsh to the skin. Unlike other sunless tanners, the Yonka Self Tanners Products contain natural extracts that protect, heal and nourish the skin tissue.

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If it's a gorgeous tan without the harmful effects of UV energy that you're after, the Yonka Self Tanners Products give you a natural way to get flawless golden results.

The Yonka Autobronzant creates a natural looking tan through a unique blend of ingredients. DHA is present in the formula to react with the proteins in your skin and produce a beautiful golden color that is never orange or unnatural in its appearance. Lemon and passionfruit juices are present in the formula to promote even coloration, while vitamin E provides anti-aging protection. Color from the bronzer develops within 3 to 4 hours of application.

The Yonka Tan Prolonger formula helps extend the life of your tan, whether you achieved it with a sunless tanning formula through sun exposure or with a tanning bed. The formula keeps the skin hydrated with coconut oil and other natural emollients, preventing peeling and flaking. To minimize the effects of the free radicals that your skin becomes exposed to as you tan, the product contains antioxidant-rich green, white and red teas.

The Yonka Bonne Mine Tinted Progressive Bronzer gradually deepens the tone of your complexion, allowing a sun-kissed glow to develop naturally over time. The luxurious formula should be added to your moisturizer and can be used daily for up to one month to produce maximum results. The formula contains vitamins A, C and E, which work together to minimize the wrinkle-causing effects of free radicals in ultraviolet energy and environmental pollutants.

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