What Causes Dry Skin and Signs to Look For

Dry skin is an inevitable characteristic of the cold, winter months, but that doesn’t mean that you have to suffer. Here are some tips on what causes dry skin and what symptoms to look out for that may be telling you your skin’s a little parched.

2018-01-18 09:00:48By Jessica


The A-Z Of Superfoods For Your Skin: Omega Fatty Acids

If you’ve been following our A-Z Of Superfoods For Your Skin series, you’ll know about the skincare benefits of vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K. Next, we’re moving onto vitamin O, or Omega Fatty Acids and why you need to be including them into your diet and skincare routine.

2017-09-26 08:34:56By Lydia


Natures Remedy Balm by Pommade Divine Launch

Always looking for that handy little beauty product which can multi-task by the million? Look no further...

2016-09-06 05:00:19By Emma


How to Treat Dry Skin on Your Feet

Standing, walking and running takes a toll on your precious feet. Revive tired feet with our useful tips on treating the dry skin.

2016-08-29 07:13:14By Anna


Which Face Mask is Right For You?

In the bath, on the plane or with a glass of wine, face masks can be so therapeutic. But which face mask is right for your skin type? Find out with our face mask guide.

2016-06-17 08:07:40By Emma