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Discover the Best Makeup Palettes

Palettes are a make-up lovers dream, keeping all your precious color and finish products in one portable place. Whether it's for highlighting, brow grooming or creating chiseled cheeks, we've rounded up 10 of the best.

2017-01-12 09:55:29By Emma Campbell

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How to Clean Make-Up Brushes Like a Pro

How often do you clean your makeup brushes? Probably not enough. It's a common task to easily forget, but there are so many benefits of regular cleaning. Here, we put together the perfect 'how-to', keeping it quick, easy and affordable.

2016-12-28 04:04:16By Emma Campbell


6 NYE Party Makeup Looks To Try

With NYE just around the corner, come and explore our top 6 make-up looks and how-to's, put together by the instagram pro's...

2016-12-22 06:37:13By Emma Campbell


Party Make-up Game Changers

Whilst a face full of glitter is a little OTT, there are some striking make-up products out there which give a touch of glamour in an instance. Here's our top 10...

2016-12-06 08:47:06By Emma Campbell

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4 Tips for Perfect Office Makeup

Over 50% of women have revealed they wouldn't go into work if they were told they couldn't wear a full face of make-up. Sounds extreme, or do you agree? Either way, here's our 'subtle' office make-up tips

2016-11-04 06:21:10By Emma Campbell


The 10 Best Beauty Enhancers

Our recent makeup and self-confidence survey has discovered that a third of women would never leave the house without makeup. Here's 10 of the best beauty enhancers to get you on with your day quicker - and more confidently.

2016-11-04 05:19:19By Emma Campbell


Women, Makeup and Self-Confidence

How much does make-up contribute to our self-confidence? And just how confident are we with our own natural beauty? SkinStore surveyed a proportion of American women, and found out some shocking statistics. Read on to uncover more...

2016-11-04 04:15:48By Emma Campbell


Foundation: The Self-Confidence Booster

The results are in: foundation has been voted the number one self-confidence boosting beauty product. But do you agree? Our Beauty Editor, Emma, explores...

2016-11-03 08:09:17By Emma Campbell


Move Over Red Lipstick, It's All About The Nudes

Step aside bold red lips: the iconic pillar-box red has been overtaken when it comes to the most self-confidence boosting shade of lipstick. Find out why nude colors are making women feel more attractive and confident here.

2016-11-03 03:52:31By Emma Campbell


Beauty Editors Self-Confidence Boosting Products

Women have spoken up about their thoughts towards their natural beauty, and we're shocked at the responses. Here, our 4 beauty editors share their top self-confidence boosting beauty products. See if you agree?

2016-11-01 08:01:05By Emma Campbell