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Total Block reviews

At one time people actively tried to get a dark tan, but today most people understand the sun prematurely ages their skin and leads to the development of skin cancers. That’s why sun protection is critical every time you step out the door. Total Block takes sun protection to its highest level. These products were originally developed as exceptional sun protection for extremely light-sensitive individuals, but they now offer products for anyone who wants high- level sun protection. Products in the Total Block line use tiny reflective particles called nanoparticles to shield skin against UVB rays that cause sunburn and UVA rays that penetrate more deeply and lead to visible signs of aging. For an additional layer of protection against free radical damage generated by the sun, they formulate their products with six types of skin-protective antioxidants. The result is high-level sun protection you can depend on every time you walk out the door. Find out what other shoppers are saying by visiting the Total Block Reviews page.

After you’ve read the product description and discovered the benefits each product offers, head over to the Total Block Reviews page. Here you can see how shoppers who used the products rate them and the comments they leave. Unlike product descriptions, this information is completely unbiased and will give you a better idea of how a product works. To read reviews on a single product, click on the “reviews” tab on the product description page. To access reviews on all the products in the line, click on the Total Block Reviews tab.

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Works as advertised -6/20/2006 3:24:10 PM I have disseminated actinic porokeratosis -DSAP- and it works well to cover the spots and eliminate sun exposure.
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Great protection for sensitive skin -6/14/2006 6:04:11 AM I swear by this product! I wore it when I rode my bike around Lake Tahoe -- 100 miles -- on a summer day and DID NOT BURN at all...or break out. You have to be very careful getting the tint mix right, though. I also use the Total Block Clear on everything but my face.
Julia Ann
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Great Tinted Sunblock -4/8/2006 7:53:28 AM I'm fair and sensitive and use this under my mineral makeup. I've tried dozens of products and this is DA BEST! I lucked out and can use the beige color in the box.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
sensitive skin watch out -3/27/2006 6:49:31 PM I am prone to hyperpigmentation and this product was very effective ; unfortunately I broke out into a rash after 3 days. I gave it to my friend and my husband who broke out as well.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
A bit misleading -11/27/2005 11:43:25 AM It works well, but does NOT dry clear. As another poster noted, it does make one look like a geisha.
bummed out & face burnt
Overall Rating Overall Rating
I wanted it to work -8/4/2005 6:28:06 AM The reviews were great, the SPF superb, so I couldn't wait to get it. However, now that I've used it, it just doesn't work on me. I applied sparingly on several different occasions, and it just leaves my face white. No matter how much I try to rub it in, I wind up looking like a Geisha. Just for the record, I have normal skin, and it's olive tone.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Liked it -7/13/2005 1:45:54 PM Like it but I seem to have some trouble applying makeup over it.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Kabuki face -6/12/2005 3:25:33 AM Well, OK, I think this is a great sunscreen, doesn't cause breakouts or sensitivity, but this is visible on my face hours after application. Great stuff, but not as a daily undermake-up sunscreen. Note - I have the untinted stuff - maybe I should try the tinted.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
The best I've found -5/19/2005 6:42:19 AM Sunscreens either look oily or break out my skin. This does neither! In fact, the tinted works so well and looks so good, I'm tempted to replace my (expensive) foundation with it. AND I never burn anymore!
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Rave Reviews! -5/11/2005 6:37:42 AM GREAT PRODUCT! Very non-greasy. Can be worn under makeup without turning my face to an oily, greasy mess. Does not cause blemishes and keeps me from sunburn and freckling. I will not use any other sunscreen EVER!
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Additional Total Block Reviews Information

When you want sun protection but also want to cover skin problems like blemishes or uneven skin tone, Total Block offers pigmented sun protection that covers areas you don’t want people to see while shielding your skin against the sun’s damaging rays. You’ll get the same high-level protection combined with the coverage of a camouflage make-up. It’s the ultimate skin “cover-up.” Find out what other customers are saying about the Total Block line by visiting the Total Block Reviews page.

When you arrive at the Total Block Reviews page you’ll immediately have access to information from shoppers around the world who have used products and shared their experiences by leaving product ratings and comments. Reviewers can rate products from one to five stars and leave details about their experience in the comment session. You can easily sort the product ratings to see the highest ranked products first or sort them by the date they were published. Curious as to how a product will work on your skin? Some reviewers include information about their age and skin type so you can target reviews by people with skin similar to your own. Spend some time reviewing the ratings and comments, and let them guide you in making your final choices.

After using a product, please come back and share your experience. It’s easy to write Total Block Reviews. Log into your account and go to the description page for the product you’d like to cover. Click on the “write a review” tab, and begin rating and sharing your comments. Feel free to include details - or keep it simple by saying why you liked or didn’t like a product. It’s your chance to share your opinions about a product and become a part of our community.

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