One of our core principles was to develop products that are friendly to the skin but also to the environment. Today this core principle translates into an ongoing effort to protect the environment and support the community; we strive to do the right thing, and this is what leads every decision we make…from the ingredients we select, the way we select them and how we package our products to our NO WASTE operation and the use of renewable energy. By protecting Greece’s 1,200 indigenous flora, we are protecting the World’s flora. All our formulations are developed based on natural or certified organic ingredients. Our plant hunters select the ideal cultivation region for each herb based on climate and soil criteria whilst working towards protecting endangered herbs and sustaining plant populations. We teach our partners organic farming and sustainable agricultural systems. We help them throughout all stages of cultivation and harvesting and support them financially through purchasing their produce. The choice not to cultivate the herbs we need ourselves is a conscious one. Our aim is not to compete, but to support the farmers and their unions, as well as the community bodies.