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Founded by Fiona Stewart and her husband Justin Dubois, Slip is a beauty brand famed for its high-quality bedding products, which provide the ultimate combination of thickness, shine, softness, and durability.

In 2003, Stewart’s dermatologist recommended sleeping on a silk pillowcase to care for her sensitive skin and thinning hair. For a long time, Stewart struggled to find silk that was gentle on her skin, so she took matters into her own hands. Today, Slip offers a wide range of bedding products that allow users with dry and itchy skin to feel less irritated in the morning. Some of the brand’s product ranges include face coverings, sleep masks, pillowcases, turbans, and scrunchies.

The secret behind Slip’s success is their rigorous testing. For over ten years, Slip products have been refined and developed to provide ultimate comfort throughout the night. The remarkable formulations of these products are beauty, not bedding, and they make the perfect addition to your daily routine. Creating 43% less friction, Slip pillowcases help retain skin moisture while preventing sleep creases.

Some of their best sellers include the Slip Silk Pillowcase, Slip Silk Sleep Mask, Slip Silk Large Crunchies, and Slip Turban. Browse the range at SkinStore, the official stockist of Slip in the US.

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