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Founded in 2010 in downtown LA by women Elin and Anh-Thu, NCLA Beauty found success in a competitive market by selling difficult-to-find nail wrap designs. Since making the headlines almost instantly, the team at NCLA Beauty has not stopped with their uniquely beautiful and cruelty-free selection of cosmetics. The idea is to satisfy your cravings for cruelty-free beauty products and allow you to remain as cute and confident as ever, whilst staying true to their US beginnings in LA.

You may find NCLA Beauty frequently collaborating with other brands to provide the best quality products that they can, whilst staying wonderfully unique in true NCLA Beauty style. Their 'Babe Balm' range is one that you will often find sold out, so you need to get in quickly. Selling delectable flavors such as peppermint mocha, pink champagne, pineapple, and black cherry - to name a few - it's no wonder they're a hit.

Alongside lip balms and scrubs, NCLA Beauty still offers products for hands and nails, including popular aromatic cuticle oils, moisturizing hand sanitizers, and beautifully bright lacquers. Their 'Hey Sugar' body scrub makes the VIP list, and just like all of their products, is full of cruelty-free feel-good ingredients. As an official Stockist of NCLA Beauty in the US, you can find their products online with us today.
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