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The Reign of Rock
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The Reign of Rock

Join us in celebrating 10 years of raising eyebrows, glorifying individuality, championing artistry and always advocating self-expression.

The Reign of Rock collection features a range of rock inspired products in limited edition gradient packaging and stunning leatherette studded finishes for lip, eye and face.

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The Rouge Awakening

The Rouge Awakening

Introducing our brand new Autumn collection. The Rouge Awakening. Fall into a new world of sultry autumnal shades, entwined with provoking jewel toned eyeliners set to spark the senses and shake up the status-quo.

Prepare for a Rouge Awakening…

Push the boundaries of traditional highlighting by using our best-selling Beyond Powder. Create textures and shapes to enhance your natural bone structure.
Experiment and be bold 

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