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Spa Sciences is the number one beauty device brand in the USA, having gained notable recognition from the likes of Forbes, LA Weekly, Buzzfeed, and The Science Times. Specializing in clinically-tested beauty devices, Spa Sciences products allow you to take the spa with you and nurture your skin as often as you want from your own home.

The team at Spa Sciences is made up of engineers, scientists, beauticians, and designers, bringing carefully crafted products that are transforming the skin of users across the globe. Whilst their beauty devices are based on science for a positively noticeable effect on your skin, these devices are incredibly safe to use and also won't set you back financially.

Devices such as the CLARO Acne Treatment Light Therapy System uses FDA-approved LED light technology to help heal acne. The MIO device uses microabrasion techniques to give it anti-aging qualities, as well as having suction extraction tips to deeply cleanse the skin and shrink pores. Whether you want to cleanse your skin, combat acne and aging, want hair removal or an exfoliating device, Spa Sciences can offer you these for luxury results. Browse the innovative range at SkinStore, an official stockist of Spa Sciences in the US.
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