Hair Masques

I love a good hair masque. They really do make all the difference in the world, especially with how often I change my hair color. The day we have our hair colored it appears soft, healthy and vibrant as the hair color smoothes the hair cuticle for a short period of time. While coloring the hair is detrimental to the condition of the hair, the heated styling tools and harsh chemicals we use on our hair are often the culprits of split ends and dull, dehydrated strands. So what to do? Here are a few hair treatments to save those lovely locks of yours!
Klorane Mask with Papyrus Milk contains cyperus esculentus plant, which is a grass-like botanical from the papyrus family. Rich with a unique combination of fatty acids and polar lipids, this product restores moisture and relaxes hair fibers. The slight scent of cucumbers almost makes it yummy enough to eat.

Neil George Intense Repair Mask – This lavish mask has a slew of powerful antioxidants such as Indian gooseberry and vitamin C. Weak and dry hair are instantly softened after one 3-minute session with this product, leaving hair soft and manageable. No need for additional styling products! Created for both damaged and color-treated hair, this mask also appeals to those that love natural products, since it is paraben free.
Maintaining a hair regimen and masking 2-3 times a month will keep your hair smooth and silky all year round. So enjoy your next Masquerade party and be sure to weigh in your thoughts on the good, the bad, and the ugly – I want to hear them all!
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