Steer Clear of Makeup that Ages You

We’ve all heard the term “less is more” however there is a very fine line to what works on each side of the fence. Typically for your day look you’d stay on the lighter side of things while at night you’d be more drawn towards a darker look. While that may be a general rule of thumb in makeup application, you might need to think twice.
It’s often said that “With age, comes beauty”. I believe that it is quite true especially when it comes to appearance. There’s a certain grace about a woman. Certain colors or makeup in general can actually age your appearance and create facial faults. Here are some guidelines to make sure your application is radiant and doesn’t dull your shine:
• Steer clear of harsh dark eye makeup – Dark colors can sometimes add shadows around the eye area, making you appear tired. If you use a darker shade in your crease it should be blended out until it only creates a contour/ slight shadow.
• Stick with complimentary colors to your eye color, skin, and hair colors. Mostly that includes neutrals, plums, or olives. Shades of blue are few and far between that have to be matched perfectly!
• For overall face color, think radiance. Opt for blushes and lip colors in shades of peach/pink with gold hues. Corals are the most universal colors for skin shades and age. Steer clear of orange, reds, and sometimes browns which can make the skin appear muddy.
• Steer clear of thick cakey makeup as it sets into your imperfections, pores, and wrinkles making them more obvious. If you can, try using only a tinted moisturizer or liquid foundation. They tend to blend easier onto the skin and are more lightweight then creams or powders.
• While higher pigmented makeup is usually better quality, don’t overdo application. Too much color draws unwanted attention to only the areas applied. The look you want is even and smooth.
• In conclusion, you want to accentuate your natural features/ beauty. Pick only one feature as your focus and make sure the rest easily blends into that feature. Your ending result should be youthful and classy!
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