Your Guide to Winter Beauty 2016

Throw those open toe shoes to the back of the closet and pull out your coziest fur-lined boots: Winter is coming, and it’s time to prepare!

The colder months involve lots of changes to ‘life’, such as ramping up the central heating, wrapping ourselves in thick scarves, and shuddering at the thought of stepping outside. Well maybe that’s a little dramatic, but the fun of being outdoors all of a sudden seems much less appealing.


Our sombre Winter moods don’t have to seep into our beauty routines though. By making just a couple of key changes, you’ll fall effortlessly into the new season, embracing the updates to your make-up, skincare and haircare regimes.

It really is as simple as rolling on your high neck, pulling out your richest lipstick and applying a super star moisturizer. Here goes…

  1. Go Bold and Bright
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    Go Bold and Bright

    To sit alongside your statement Winter coat, keep a bold, dramatic red lipstick in your pocket at all times. When your skin is looking paler than usual and you feel like you’ve lost that Summer spark, nothing perks up your look like a bold red lipstick.

    Plus, it’s fantastic for that day-to-night look

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  2. Be Berry Bitten
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    Be Berry Bitten

    So here is a beauty tip: berry shades look good on everyone. Yes, everyone. If you aren’t so much a ‘lipstick girl’, skip straight to the gloss. A rich, dusky deep berry shade will conpliment your skin tone throughout the Winter, and add a touch of warmth to any complexion.

    Recommended: Illuminare Ultrashine Mineral Lipgloss in Vixen 

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  3. Reward Your Skin
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    Reward Your Skin

    With the cold air greeting you each morning, your skin needs a super hydrating, luxurious reward for facing the elements. It also needs protecting at the same time, therefore an intense day cream with a light SPF is perfect.

    Slather on every morning before your make-up.

    Recommended: Boots No.7 Protect and Perfect Intense Day Cream

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  4. Practice the Pony
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    Practice the Pony

    Rock the faux fur coat and knee high boots look this Winter with a chic high ponytail. There is nothing worse for your hair than the harsh Winter winds, so now is the perfect time to practice your ponytail piling up skills.

    Learn the art of backcombing, and hold your head – and your ponytail – up high all Winter. Keep in place with a hair thickening hairspray.

    Recommended: Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Advanced Plump ‘N Thick Thickening Hairspray

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  5. Creamy, Dreamy Blush
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    Creamy, Dreamy Blush

    Keep your cheeks rosy throughout the Winter with a pinky toned blush. However, swap your usual powder blush for a richer, creamier formula. Your skin needs the extra moisture, and these blend into your foundation to give a natural look.

    Recommended: Jane Iredale in Touch Cream Blush in Clarity $27

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  6. Silky Soft Locks
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    Silky Soft Locks

    A weekly dose of an intense repair hair mask will give your hair a much needed boost of shine, moisturization and protection. Apply a deep conditioning mask 1/2 times a week depending on your hair type, and watch your hair become more tolerate to the dry Winter winds.

    Recommended: Brigeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask $36

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  7. Shine Bright and Highlight
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    Shine Bright and Highlight

    It takes no genius to work out that during the colder months, our skin lacks that vitality and radiance the Summer sun can provide. Make more of an effort to add a touch of brightening, shimmering highlight powder to the tops of the cheeks, down the nose, center of the forehead and under the brow bone to light up your look.

    Highlighting instantly makes you looks more alert and awake, and frosty shades of pearl, pink and gold are simply gorgeous around Christmas time!

    Recommended: Stila Star Light, Star Bright Highlighting Pallette, $45

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  8. Dream Creams
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    Dream Creams

    Let your skin recovery the best way it can overnight, with a rich, indulgent night cream. Your skin will benefit from an intense evening cream which encourages cell renewal, moisturization and firmness whilst you dream away…

    Recommended: Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse Night All $35

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  9. Dusky Delights
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    Dusky Delights

    For that Winter rose look, opt for those warming dusky pink palettes for both eyes, cheeks and lips. Especially for those weeknight evenings when it’s time to drag yourselves out from the warm indoors and put on your party face!

    Pretty deep pink shades and warming browns add a touch of girly glamour without going too dramatic, but look strong enough for occasions.

    Recommended: Laura Geller Best of Baked Palette

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