Products for Your Spring Self and a Lipstick That Lasts All Day

Products for Your Spring Self and a Lipstick That Lasts All Day

Congratulations, you made it through February.

Although you may still be wearing sweaters, depending on where you live, bundle-free times are ahead. Spring is approaching with its promise of warmer weather, getting outside and a clean slate. If you’re like us, you’ve been making plans for when it’s finally warmer all winter long, and if you haven’t, allow us to inspire you.

We’ve pulled together a guide for products to use with your warm-weather self. After all, your winter self is different than your spring self. The warm-weather you is lighter, brighter and more radiant. Thus, you need different products for your face that are also lighter, brighter and more radiant.

Here is our spring-inspired product list to help you transition between seasons and a lipstick that lasts all day!

Your winter self: Staring blankly at the snow-covered grass.

Your spring self: Picnicking on the lawn, feeding yourself grapes and sipping champagne while wearing this luminizer that makes your cheekbones glow in the sun rays.

Your winter self: Skiing and shivering.

Your spring self: Horseback riding on a beach into the sunset, with someone tall, dark and handsome, while wearing this sunscreen to prevent damage from the wind and sun.

Your winter self: Looking in the mirror and trying to convince the bags under your eyes to go away.

Your spring self: Applying this magical serum, kissing your reflection and skipping out the door to take in the warm blue skies.

Your winter self: Hiding inside your apartment wrapped in every blanket you own.

Your spring self: Swimming in a blue lagoon and smiling from ear to ear as your lipstick that lasts all day glistens like a mermaid’s tail.



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