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With dermatological and pharmaceutical principles at the heart of the brand, Avene's life-changing products are clinically proven to provide users with dramatic results. Rooted in the fields of hydrotherapy and dermatology, Avene's award-winning range offers formulas for a wide range of skin concerns. Whether you're suffering from sensitivity, dehydration or excessive oil production, this French brand has something for your skincare needs.

Unlike so many skincare brands, this premium range is entirely water-based, infused with Avene thermal spring water. Starting as rain fall, the water filters through the ground for over 40 years until it purifies and surfaces at the Sainte-Odile spring. With water that is so natural and pure, it isn't surprising that it contains an array of anti-irritating properties and trace elements that shield and protect the skin. With over 30 years of time and research behind this unique water and its effectiveness, you are guaranteed to experience soothing and healing effects.

Avene has been spent years developing solutions for chronic redness, fine lines, acne scarring or hypersensitivity. There is also a range available for men, with formulas that have been specifically formulated to soothe skin irritated by shaving.

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Known as the go-to brand for sensitive skin, Avène has over 270 years of expertise and is trusted by millions worldwide.

What’s Avene’s signature ingredient?

At the heart of the brand is Avène Thermal Spring Water, a natural soothing source clinically shown by over 150 studies to soothe, soften and calm the skin.

What is Avène Thermal Spring Water?

Originating as pure rain mixed with sea-spray rich in mineral salts,Avène Thermal Spring Water makes its 50-year journey through the Cévennes Mountains in Avène, France.

Over time, the water gradually becomes infused with trace elements and silicates, and comes in contact with an ancient microorganism Aqua. Dolomiae, which was first identified by Avène in 2001. This remarkable biological property combined with the well-known mineral properties of Avène Thermal Spring Water ensures gentleness and tolerance, creating a unique double signature that does not exist anywhere else in the world.

Has the Thermal Spring Water been verified?

Over 150 stringent biological, pharmacological and clinical studies have clearly demonstrated the soothing, softening and calming benefits of Avène Thermal Spring Water.