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Since its conception in 1752, Casswell-Massey has established themselves in the fragrance industry with a collection of modern and authentic scents that embody the American spirit. Designed to be worn alone or as part of a pairing, each fragrance effortlessly transitions from daytime to evening wear.

One of Caswell-Massey’s signature fragrances is Number Six. The timeless scent is the longest continuously manufactured American fragrance and has been worn by president George Washington and numerous other public figures. With notes of bergamot, neroli, amber and white musk, the scent offers an uplifting olfactory experience.

Another quintessential fragrance of Casswell-Massey is the Honeysuckle Eau de Toilette. The refreshing scent is characterized by lively florals and earthy notes, with each purchase supporting the important conservation work of the New York Botanical Garden. Shop Casswell-Massey’s best-selling fragrances here SkinStore.

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