When it feels like hair is reaching breaking point grab the Grow Gorgeous Rescue and Repair Routine...

Repair damage and protect your tresses

Addicted to your straighteners? Can't resit that perfect balayage? Didn't realise sun protection needs to extend to your hair?
The Grow Gorgeous Rescue and Repair range reinforces already damaged strands whilst protecting your tresses from further damage caused by sun, heat and bleach.

Give Hair Some R&R

The unique hair repair products restore and repair hair from within, getting inside the problem of hair damage and reinforcing your strands instead of just masking the issue. Restore your tresses to their former glory.

Reinforce fibres, increasing strength and elasticity so hair is resilient to breakage.
Repair, protect and strengthen hair damaged by bleaching and heat styling.
Intensely nourish and condition dry, weak strands to leave hair hydrated and smooth.

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