Vichy Cleansers

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Vichy's line of Cleansers have been formulated to gently but effectively lift away excess oils, dirt and dead skin cells to refresh the skin before applying serums and moisturizers.

All of Vichy’s products are suitable for even the most sensitive skin and their line of paraben-free cleansers contain an abundance of natural minerals and antioxidants which help to wash away impurities while improving the quality of the skin.

Vichy’s Thermal Spa Water originates from the heart of Auvergne’s volcanos and is utilized in all of their products due to its incredible vitamin and antioxidant levels, so all of their cleansers wash away impurities from the skin’s surface whilst improving its quality, leaving you with clean, refreshed and renewed skin. All of Vichy’s cleansers are suitable for even the most reactive skin and are non-comedogenic, pH-balanced and paraben-free.

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