AHAVA Time to Revitalize: Wrinkle Reduction and Skin Firming

For generations, the Dead Sea has been visited by people seeking new life for their skin. For over 20 years, AHAVA has been responsibly harvesting its timeless ingredients to bring you the finest in nature inspired skincare. Powering the entire product range is our exclusive Osmoter™ — a perfectly-balanced concentrate of Dead Sea minerals that effectively replenishes, rehydrates and recharges the skin. It’s a sensation that says “My Skin Reborn”. In search of unique skin-healthy ingredients, AHAVA went to extremes — the earth’s lowest point, the Dead Sea, and its highest peaks, the Himalayas. The age-defying ingredients found in these two altitudes have a significant impact on maintaining young and healthy skin. Together, they produce a powerfully effective complex that revitalizes aging skin by significantly reducing wrinkle depth, enhancing firmness and restoring youthfulness.
Time to Revitalize formulations contain:

  • Dead Sea Minerals, Dunaliella Algae and Date Fruit Extract which provide essential moisture and anti-oxidants to skin, helping to firm and smooth its appearance.
  • Tibetan Goji Berries contain high levels of anti-oxidants that help boost skin’s immune system.
  • Himalayan Raspberry Root helps to revitalize and improve skin’s elasticity.
  • Icelandic Moss works to soothe skin and protect it from environmental damage.

The AHAVA Time to Revitalize line includes:
EXTREME NIGHT TREATMENT – This night treatment reinforces my skin’s immune system and strengthens its natural protective barrier.
EXTREME DAY CREAM – This hydrating day cream helps to firm my skin for a more youthful appearance as it protects it from free radicals, stress and pollution.
EXTREME FIRMING EYE CREAM – Helps reduce wrinkles, significantly firms the delicate skin around the eyes, and improve skin’s elasticity.



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