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A well known brand Anthony Logistics has just launched their new line of supplements for men. They now carry a large variety of supplements that address specific concerns. The supplements include trim, hair, energy, prostate, skin, and libido. The new Anthony inside line uses the latest technology to address men’s issues from the inside out. All Anthony Logistics supplements are hypoallergenic, vegan and free of gluten, bovine, citrus, corn, rice, yeast, added sodium, sugars, starches, synthetic dyes, artificial flavorings and preservatives.
The Inside Trim supplements help support stress management, and contain 5 plant extracts that will help to maintain blood glucose and reduce food cravings while also increasing energy levels. One ingredient that effectively helps to regulate blood sugar levels is Banaba Leaf Extract. The trim supplements also help control appetite, support mood balance, and help with cortisol levels to support healthy body fat distribution. Cortisol is a chemical horomone which helps your body regulate stress.
The Inside Hair supplements promote the health and growth of your hair. These supplements contain Resveratrol, Pygeum, Saw Palmetto, Stinging Nettle, and Biotin to promote healthy hair. Amino acids in the supplements support hair growth, while Saw Pelmetto reduces and blocks the formation of DHT. DHT is a byproduct of testosterone which attacks hair follicles and prevents hair growth.
The Inside Energy supplements help to provide cardiovascular health and increase energy. The energy supplements contain well recognized and powerful antioxidants Coenzyme Q10 and Resveratrol which will help to support heart health and increase energy. B vitamins are very important because they can convert fat and carbs into energy. As you intake food with the energy supplements your energy levels will be boosted, and the foods you eat will be properly absorbed and used efficiently in your body.
The Inside Prostate supplements help to support proper prostate health by combining powerful antixodants to keep the body protected. The ingredients include Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C and E, Green Tea, and Pygeum bark powder which helps with inflammation in the body.
The Inside Skin supplements help to detox the body and support a healthy immune system to protect and promote healthy skin. Antioxidants such as Vitamins A, E, and D2 combined with Zinc, Resveratrol, and Green Tea help to protect the skin and fight the signs of aging. As we age our skin tissue is weakened, the skin supplements will help to repair skin tissue and stimulate collagen and elastin production in the skin.
The Inside Libido supplements help to support a healthy sex drive by combining Resveratrol, Maca, and Ashwaganda which all help with stamina and energy.
The Anthony Logistics supplements can be taken together to provide a variety of health benefits or can be taken alone for a more targeted approach.



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