Anti-Aging Secrets of the French

Ever wonder how the French stay so thin and it seems as if they are constantly indulging in high calorie and high fat diets? What’s the deal?!
Studies have shown that an ingredient called reservatrol may be culprit. Reservatrol comes from the skin of fermented grapes which also happens to be the main ingredient in red wine. This newbie has been put through the test and has come out proving some great results. For instance, an experiment was done with three groups of mice; the first group was put on a standard, everyday diet, the second group was put on a high fat high calorie diet and the third group was put on the same diet as the second group and additionally given reservatrol. The second group soon developed a shorten life span due to diabetes and heart disease. The third group of mice not only lived 30% longer but also showed no signs of heart disease or diabetes and was much livelier even through the later of their life. (The first group showed equal results as the third) The Resveratol has many anti-oxidant and anti-aging benefits, but also tricks the body into restricting calories from being consumed; in return preventing absorption of unwanted fat and protecting the skin from environmental damage. Red wine here I come!
Truthfully, the best way to achieve the benefits of reservatrol is taking it in a pill form and topically is the next best. Caudalie Paris carries products that offer a great source of reservatrol; their most popular is Caudalie Vinexpert Firming Serum. Although enjoying one glass for red wine per night does have its benefits, drinking the whole bottle won’t, too much alcohol will counteract the benefits and dehydrate the skin.
So remember, do as the French and partake in a glass of wine at dinner and don’t do as the Irish. Au revoir!
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