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While Arcona is a new line to, the company has been offering high quality and effective products for quite a few years, since 1989 to be exact. The Arcona philosophy is that everyone’s skin can and should look beautiful at any age. This is regardless of history or damage that we may have done to our skin. This line offers second chances for those of us that have mistreated our skin, an opportunity to undo the damage caused by the sun, lifestyle and stress. Arcona offers renewed hope, at an affordable price with unbelievable results. “It will change your life-you’ll glow” is the Arcona’s coined saying and we can see why.
Let’s start with the basics, the basic 5 that is.  AM routine- Step 1: Exfoliate/Cleanse. Step 2: Hydrate.  Step 3: Protect. PM Step 4: Cleanse/Tone. Step 5: Regenerate.
The products within the basic 5 will vary depending on your skin type and concerns. The combination of the five products will speed up and strengthen the skin’s renewal process. Arcona recommends using their line exclusively for two-six weeks to achieve maximum results. Arcona also has great eye products, masks, exfoliators, and firming treatments you can add in to your basic 5 regimen.
To make it easy Arcona has 6 different kits to customize every skin type and concern.
I am currently using the basic five kit for normal skin. I was a little skeptical about using a bar soap on my baby skin, but let me tell you the Toner Tea Bar is amazing. It removes all the impurities in the skin with no uncomfortable drying effect. Not to mention the smell is amazing, it’s my favorite scent of any of their products. After a deep cleanse I use the Golden Grain Gommage about once a week, alternating with the amazing Gentle Solution as my exfoliator about twice weekly. I then apply the Magic White Ice as my daily hydrator and Desert Mist in the AM. Again I was a little suspicious about using just a serum as a hydrator and not an actual moisturizer, excluding my daily sunscreen. To my surprise I have not needed to use another moisturizer. Arcona believes that conventional moisturizers can clog the pores because they sit on the surface of skin and can not penetrate deep within the skin where the real moisture is needed. Their products are constantly stimulating and renewing your skin. It’s kind of like cross training your skin to constantly keep it from slacking and looking dull and unhealthy.
Arcona uses cosmeceutical-grade ingredients that are cold pressed at very low temperatures. This means that products are made in smaller batches using this process so that they stay active and effective. Arcona does not contain any binders, fillers, perfumes, parabens or any toxic ingredients.
This all natural line delivers real results putting it at the top of my beauty product list. Just be careful… once you try it, there’s no turning back!

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