Avoid Inflammation (Pt. 2)

Now that you’ve read about inflammation you’re probably thinking that you have to quit eating carbohydrates and sugary foods altogether. I didn’t mean to scare you away from food! But I do want you to stay away from refined, packaged, sugary foods that are bringing you down (and making your belly bulge). So the next time you find yourself reaching for a bag of chips, French fries, or something sugary, resist the urge and try one of these delicious and nutritious alternatives instead:
Eat this not that:
Eat asparagus instead of white potatoes. White potatoes are starchy and easily converted into sugar. Fried potatoes (like French fries) are a double-whammy against your immune system, so instead try grilled or steamed asparagus. It’s delicious and loaded with antioxidants.
Eat slow-cooked oatmeal instead of sugary cereals. Are you really still eating colorful cereal? Isn’t it time to grow up? Try slow-cooked oatmeal, it may take a tiny bit longer to make but its benefits are commendable. Steel-cut oatmeal is best; cook it with milk, water, or soymilk and enjoy! It has fiber, vitamins, and minerals and is a great jump-start to your busy day.
Eat olive oil instead of ranch dressing. Skip the ranch, thousand island, Caesar, or even Italian dressing, it’s not doing any good. Instead try extra virgin olive oil mixed with lemon juice and a little salt and pepper for a delicious and healthful alternative to conventional salad dressing.
Eat fruit instead of chips. When you experience a craving for something sweet or salty, reach for a kiwi, a peach, or a plum instead. These fruits satisfy like sweets do, and provide long-term benefits too; antioxidants, fiber, vitamins…. basically everything that refined food doesn’t have.
These foods provide carbohydrates without spiking your insulin levels, they also break down much more slowly than simple carbs, therefore you stay full for a longer period of time… no cravings, no excess weight gain!
What’s your favorite healthy snack? We would love to know. Leave us a comment below!



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