Bio-Maple™ Compound – a B. Kamins Exclusive!

The signature ingredient found in all B. Kamins products is Bio-Maple™ Compound. It is a simple, yet complex, compound that is derived from the resin of maple trees. Bio-Maple™ Compound is a clear liquid that looks like water, but contains small amounts of acids, antioxidants and sugars. It absorbs well, is well-tolerated, and has the benefits of plumping the skin, mildly exfoliating, improving radiance and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.
What Makes Bio-Maple™ Compound Highly Efficacious?

– Binds to water when applied to the skin.
– Brings water to the surface of the skin for ultimate hydration.
– Allows even oily and acne-prone skin types to be hydrated without feeling heavy and does not cause a breakout.
– Improves the skin’s barrier function by binding water to the skin’s surface.
– Leaves skin hydrated, healthy and looking beautiful.

Malic Acid (an alpha hydroxy acid or AHA):
– Offers a low level of exfoliation to speed up the rate of cell renewal, promoting healthy replication.
– Balances skin’s pH. Normal skin pH is around 5.5. An unbalanced pH caused by oil, for example, leaves the skin vulnerable to infection and bacterial attack.
– Acids have a low pH and oils have a high pH, so acids work to neutralize excess oils that are disrupting the skin’s pH.
– Results in smooth, soft and radiant skin.
Bio-Maple™ Compound compliments the other ingredients used in B. Kamins skincare (active and inactive), because of its unique composition. It is more polarized than water, so creams and serums bind to it easily and the result is that they feel less thick and are more absorbable. The B. Kamins award-winning acne line is very hydrating due to Bio-Maple™ Compound. Bio-Maple™ Compound hydrates acneic skin, reduces oil and does not over-dry the skin.



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