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Did you know that over 96% of the ingredients in anti-wrinkle creams just sit on the surface of the skin and evaporate or get washed away?  If key anti-aging ingredients can’t go where your skin needs them most, how can they provide the wrinkle reducing results you are looking for?
BIOBLISS has years of experience in the field of transdermal drug delivery. BIOBLISS scientists developed patches that can transport essential ingredients into the skin conveniently, painlessly and effectively.
BIOBLISS has taken skin care to a whole new level with patented micro-current patch technology.  BIOBLISS uses the same ingredients found in leading anti-wrinkle serums and delivers them in an optimal way.  Optimal Delivery for Optimal Results!  We call it “Taking Beauty Deeper”.
Each BIOBLISS patch contains a tiny battery and comes pre-loaded with a rich blend of natural wrinkle-fighting ingredients.  The micro-current from the battery starts flowing as soon as it is applied, gently pushing more anti-wrinkle ingredients to the skin than possible with a cream or serum.  It’s like a professional spa facial treatment packed into the convenience of a patch!
In a 2013 Clinical Study, after a single 30 minute Anti-Wrinkle Patch Treatment, 89% saw immediate results.   After 4 Weeks, 100% saw continued improvement in fine lines and wrinkles and 85% saw improvement in skin tone and texture.
“I was impressed with the difference between my before and my after photo from the end of the (4 week) study.  I was really happy to see such a change.”  Lynn M., Clinical Study Participant
Key Ingredients:

Hyaluronic Acid –
Optimizes Skin Moisture Retention

Okra Plant Extract-
Toxin-Free Fine Line Relaxer for Smoothing Effect

Persian Silk Tree Extract-
Revitalizes Skin Fatigue

Madagascan Herbal Extract-
Promotes Healthier Skin Collagen

Advanced Matrixyl Peptide-
Supports Skins Own Natural Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid

Peptide Line Relaxer for Smoothing Botox Effect

Vitamin C-
Powerful Anti-oxidant with Skin Brightening Effect

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